Have You Really Asked Yourself If You Truly Love Yourself?

Have You Really Asked Yourself If You Truly Love Yourself?

Vidisha Kaushal explains everything we need to know about self-love.
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Let us ask you something – what do you do to love or pamper yourself?

  • A trip to a spa or a salon?
  • Eat your favourite dish?
  • Go for a shopping spree?

If this is your definition of self-love, then you’ve barely skimmed the surface. Materialistic pleasures such as the above can only bring temporary comfort, self-love runs a lot deeper than that. Shedding light on the same, sound healing expert and meditation guru Vidisha Kaushal, helped find the true meaning of loving yourself.


Self-love is outwardly

Pampering yourself is not wrong but calling it self-love is. When love runs deep within you, touching the absolute truth – the soul – only then it’s self-love. Your soul is just an energy, and through self-love, you can increase the frequency of this energy.

Is loving yourself a selfish thing to do?

The answer is no. The better you get to know yourself, the more you will love yourself. When you self-introspect and find out your own purpose in life, that’s not selfish, that’s the truest and most important aspect.

How can you get started?

Sit back and recall the time when you were in school, who was your favourite teacher? What did they teach, and how did you feel during their lectures? You would surely say that the lectures were fun, and you grasped everything quickly. Now think about how you felt when a very strict teacher would take a lecture. Your response would be the exact opposite. So, the question arises, what kind of teacher do you want to become for yourself?

You have to learn to be gentle, loving, compassionate and fun with yourself too.

Here’s what you can do.

1. Stop beating yourself down

Loving yourself does not mean being perfect in everything and then feeling good about yourself. It begins with something as simple as acceptance. Accept how you are, accept your negative traits, accept your shortcomings. Don’t over criticise yourself for it.

2. Start slow

The love, care, and support that you so readily give to others – why are you denying yourself of it? Be your own best friend. Show yourself the same love, forgive yourself for your mistakes, talk to yourself in the same comforting voice. You’ll soon start enjoying your own company.

3. Give yourself constructive feedback

There are two choices – being tough on yourself or being patient and making yourself understand a situation. The work will be done either way, but the approach makes all the difference.

Loving yourself does not mean that you say, “This is how I am, I will not change because I love myself. Rather, it is, “This I how I am, I have shortcomings, and I am working towards being better because I love myself.”

Vidisha Kaushal went in-depth to give her profound knowledge on the same, the video of which you can stream on ThinkRight.me YouTube channel.

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