7-Year-Old Saves Cats And Dogs From Euthanasia

7-Year-Old Saves Cats And Dogs From Euthanasia

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Selfless deeds by people always earn them respect. Age should not stop people from doing something admirable as shown recently by 7-year-old Roman McConn. His effort and dedication led to a decline in dog euthanasia statistics, in Texas. With Roman’s good deeds and hard work, the dog euthanization statistics in Texas have gone down drastically.

Pain-free death for cats and dogs

Animal euthanasia is rampant in Texas. Abandoned dogs and cats are killed, pain-free, before their time. 7-year-old Roman saved over 1000 dogs from certain death. He first started saving cats and dogs when he adopted a stray dog at the age of 4.

The beginning

Roman and his mother were inspired to save stray cats and dogs from being euthanized, after seeing their dismal condition. The duo decided to help these abandoned animals. Roman made videos of abandoned dogs at the shelter in the hope of finding them a home.

Project Freedom Ride

Inspired by her son, Roman’s mother began advocating the State legislature for a ‘no-kill policy’. In 2016, they launched an underground railroad project; Project Freedom Ride. The initiative aims to transport abandoned animals to safety and places them with loving and caring families.

In their first mission, 31 dogs were safely transported from Texas to Washington. Ever since, the project has had a successful run, saving over a 1000 dogs with an average of 50 per month. Project Freedom Ride reduced dog euthanization statistics to an all-time low in Texas.

The mother-son duo explains their project isn’t only about transporting dogs but also ensuring they are in a safe environment and adopted either by families or humane organizations in the Pacific Northwest.

Rescued dogs at a shelter | Image: WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

Making the world better

In an interview, Roman revealed it not only makes him happy to save the dogs but he’s sure it makes the dogs happy too.

Despite his young age, Roman has won hearts and become a voice for the voiceless. It’s heartening to know the future will be in the hands of such inspiring and kind-hearted people. People need to take inspiration for this young kid and strive to make the world a better place, whether for humans or animals.


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