Doing These 6 Things Before Bed Will Make You Successful And Happier!

Doing These 6 Things Before Bed Will Make You Successful And Happier!

Scientifically proven ways that help with sleeping, feeling, and thinking better.
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Everyone has 24 hours, but successful people manage to get more done, as well as maintain their happiness quotient. How?

Here are some proven ways that have helped them and will help you too. Doing them before hitting the shack or after your day’s work will reap great results.

Midnight or evening strolls

A leisure stroll is mind-blowingly refreshing. After a long day at work, it slowly gets you out from work thoughts, and let you glide into a state of calmness or ‘tiredness.’ If you’re too busy, the evening stroll can become a midnight one. You can go up to the terrace or balcony to feel the cool midnight breeze while allowing the moonlight hues to calm you.

Unplug from gadgets

This one’s a known fact. Harvard researchers have proved that the bright light from our smartphones tricks our body into believing that it’s daytime, making it difficult for us to go into rest mode. Reading books, listening to light music, or even following up your skincare routine before bed, helps you calm your nerves and unload the day’s stress. Try it to believe it!

Maintain a sleep hygiene

Have you noticed how a nice head massage after a long day relaxes you? A good bedtime hygiene does just that. Every night, allow yourself to relax before you sleep. Things like a comfortable bed and pillow, a relatively cool room, and some relaxing time before bed can reduce the chances of burnout and allow you to unwind. No matter how hectic your day is, a slow-paced night-time routine is required for a peaceful mind.

Plan ahead

Start your day, a day before. It’s always easy to follow a plan than to scramble and do things last minute. Get your ducks in a row the previous night by listing your to-do things for the next day. Believe us, you’ll save a lot of time and energy figuring out things the next day. This might sound like an added task, but it will help you rest well at night, knowing that your next day is sorted.

Get your creative juices flowing

A good way to feel good, is to do something new. No matter how good or bad you are at it, going out of your comfort zone, will shoot your dopamine levels and boost happiness. Try out a new recipe, do some new exercise, read a book, try painting, anything that you don’t usually do.

Pen it down

The night-time brings out those parts of us, that we usually don’t tap during the day. Be it a late-night conversation, or being alone with your thoughts, the night is like a window that lets your thoughts wander. Although, most times, what begins as a self-reflection, often ends up self-criticism. If ever you experience this, pen down those troubling thoughts. It helps us break the loop of negative thoughts and washes away anxiety.

A morning routine might give you a kick-start, but the night-time routine will give you happiness in your heart!

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