Good Risks To Take In 2021

Good Risks To Take In 2021

Consider this your permission slip to take the risks that may change your life
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While 2020 was a year of turmoil and uncertainty, we’ve been given a chance to relive the year that we lost. And with this newfound opportunity to explore adventures, it’s time to rethink the risks that you were too afraid to take before. We’re confined in a mindset of safe and comfortable but to grow beyond your capacity, there are a few good risks you should take that can teach you lessons that may change your life.

Take a look at 5 such risks that you should jump at.
Start something you don’t know how to finish

Sometimes you need to let yourself figure things out instead of fearing the outcome. Tackling activities that you have no knowledge of can end up turning burdensome or worse, boring. Giving yourself that extra push tests your ability to perform under pressure as well as finding your own way.

Ask for that promotion

Far too few people break the 9-to-5 barrier and chase the promotion that they deserve. And it’s not the right skills that hold them back but the confidence of asking for what they deserve. Stop letting doubt cloud your opinion of yourself, take the jump and make the appointment with the one who has the authority to grant that the things you want and deserve.

Apologise for a huge mistake you made

We all make mistakes and to believe that we’re above them is wrong. There are several things we need to apologise for; from harsh words and irresponsible actions to genuine mistakes and omissions. But sometimes we’ve done something that we’re so ashamed of, we fear the idea of apologising. We wish the situation would just disappear, avoiding it for days, years even. And when it comes back, because it does, we are faced with consequences that we could’ve avoided if we had owned up to our mistakes before. So take that chance of taking responsibility and we promise, you won’t regret it.

Face one of your worst fears

A lot of us are blessed with skills and abilities that can lead us to the most beautiful of outcomes. But the fear of putting ourselves out there traps us in a confined box of complacency. For example, if you’re someone who loves to perform stand up comedy for friends and family but fear the spotlight of a stage and a mike, then you need to take a risk on yourself. While this fear may not go away completely, it can still be pushed to the side to reveal the strength of moving forward.

Do one thing that you adore but others ridicule

The most common regret that most of us face is the idea of living a that’s not true to ourselves but instead dictated by the opinion of others. 2021 is a great time to omit these opinions, from people who don’t even know you, from your life. Understand that their idea of who you are doesn’t affect you, so start that business they said you’d be too crazy to try, go on that solo trip most are criticising you for, do that one thing that you wish to do without considering anybody else’s opinion.

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