10 Easy Steps To Let Go Of Regrets And Forgive Yourself

10 Easy Steps To Let Go Of Regrets And Forgive Yourself

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“To err is human.” We have been hearing this phrase since aeons together. And it is so true indeed. There is not one person in this world, who can guarantee never having made a mistake or done something wrong. Sometimes these mistakes are too big to be forgotten and continue to haunt us for the rest of our lives.

However, do not let your past mistakes define your future. You are worth more than that mistake. It’s time to break that cycle.

Don’t attach emotions to regrets

Don’t connect your mistakes to your limiting beliefs. Self-compassion can help forgive yourself.

Move on from the past

The past is often referred to as a jail. We should not let ourselves be caged in the past for too long. Moving on from your past shows your acceptance of the situation and it is the first step towards healing. 

Have a look at your relationship with yourself

It is easier to forgive others around you than to forgive yourself. Put yourself first, take care of your needs. All this will give you a new positive perspective on yourself.

Re-write the event

Why not write down how you would do it differently this time. This proves that you have learned from your past mistakes. And if given a second chance, you would do things differently.

 Admit your mistake

The first step towards self-healing is admitting we were wrong. Remember, you are human. You make mistakes you learn. Hence, you grow.

Don’t deal with it alone

Share your feelings with someone you trust. Someone who will not let you slip into the spiral of feeling all that guilt and shame.


There is so much power in this small simple word “sorry”. A simple apology is all it takes to forgive yourself. Facing and accepting your mistakes and feeling apologetic for it, gives you the courage to forgive yourself.

Make it right from that moment

You can’t turn back time no matter how much you want to. Harsh words said cannot be unsaid. However, what you can do, is from the moment you realise your mistake you can make up for it. 


Before you close your eyes for the day, reflect on your behaviour during the entire day. You will realise how you made a difference in many people’s lives.

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