1 Out Of 4 Children Drop Out Of School Before The Age Of 10

1 Out Of 4 Children Drop Out Of School Before The Age Of 10

Here are 5 NGOs in Mumbai that are doing an incredible job of giving every child the education that they deserve.
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The importance and impact of NGOs in all spheres are very noticeable and admirable, especially in the education sector. There are many NGOs in urban as well as rural areas that are dedicated to bringing education to the children who aren’t privileged to attend the regular schools.  

Over years we’ve heard of many individuals who are dedicatedly working to educate the children of India. In today’s day and age, education has become a major tool for leading a good life. Primary education is the right of every child and they all deserve it.  


Buniyaad is dedicated to building a better tomorrow by not only educating the children but also by training the teachers to teach in most effective and efficient ways. Buniyaad is extremely dedicated to the faculty of skill development and constant upscaling, therefore they offer English conversation courses to people from underprivileged backgrounds. “Educating young minds, strengthening roots, and laying foundation for a better tomorrow is our main moto,” says, SaiGita Narayan, one of the founders and volunteers at Buniyaad. 

To know more about or to volunteer at Buniyaad, click here.  


Education is every child’s birthright, Tarang’s moto says it all. Tarang is dedicated to bringing quality education to every child to brighten their future. They have very well understood the complexities of underprivileged households and have branched out in various ways to help the children get the education they deserve. They have got four major projects, Project Shiksha, which is an established school, where they provide the best education to the underprivileged children. They’ve also established a place of orphans to stay and educate themselves.  

Project Lakshya is dedicated to developing English, Math and computer skills in children. The training for the same happens only during the weekends where the best technology and skillsets are taught to the children.  

There are many who drop out of school after completing their primary education because they need to help around to run the household. After understanding this Tarang started Project Daayitva which is dedicated to bringing the best quality education to the night schools.  

Lack of money and guidance is a major obstacle in many households in India which holds back even the smartest of children from pursuing higher education. Project Aadhar focuses on volunteers and donors pitching in to fund the dream of one child at a time and creating a better future for the children of India.  

To know more about or to volunteer at Tarang, click here.

The Smile Foundation 

With more than 400 projects dedicated to various causes such as education, women empowerment, healthcare and many more, the Smile Foundation is dedicated to making a change for a better tomorrow. “Education is the means and also hen ends to make the social transform. And currently, if we want to survive as a community a major social transform is required,” said Puja Israney, Head of Communications at The Smile Foundation. At Smile Foundation they believe that education has the power not only to transform the life of a single child but of the entire family and their generations to come.  

To know more about or to volunteer at The Smile Foundation, click here.


Bhumi is India’s largest independent and youth volunteer NGO. It works perfectly on the idea of by the people, of the people, for the people. Bhumi gives the young adults a platform to give back to the society by volunteering to educate and mentor the children from orphanages, slums and backward rural areas of the country. They are dedicated to using the youth power to bridge the gap between the educated and the uneducated. Bhumi has innumerable programmes and fellowships under its umbrella of volunteer-based activities. Apart from basic education, Bhumi is also dedicated to improving the various life skills in the children. Rahul Jhawar, City Coordinator and Volunteer, Bhumi – Patna says, “Our aim is not only to create a bright future for the children today but to inspire the next generation of leaders. We’re not only educating these children to support themselves but also igniting a spark of compassion and seeding the idea of giving back to the community in these young minds.”  

To know more about or to volunteer at Bhumi, click here.

 Asha Kiran Foundation 

The Asha Kiran Foundation systematically provides the best to the orphans. It is dedicated to educating, nurturing, and developing the underprivileged children of our community. Their philosophy is deeply rooted in the understanding that every child is uniquely gifted and has the potential to shine if nurtured well into their extraordinary personality. At Asha Kiran they purely believe that every child has a right to develop his or her innate talent. Therefore, the foundation does not stop at basic education for the children but focuses on their holistic all-round development by training them in their other fields of interest.  

To know more about or to volunteer at Asha Kiran Foundation, click here.

There are many more such NGOs doing incredible work in helping to create a bright future for the children of today and the leaders of tomorrow!

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