Why Should Parents Encourage Physical Activity In Children?

Why Should Parents Encourage Physical Activity In Children?

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The wide spectrum of activities surrounding kids makes their life more upbeat. While it’s important to introduce your kids to things like art, music, reading, story-telling, etc, you must not overlook the area of physical fitness. Encouraging physical activity in childcare helps your child in numerous ways. Right from a sense of discipline, agility, motor skills, focus, sharp thinking, etc, physical activeness can be a catalyst in developing the right attitude in your child.

Here’s how encouraging physical activity in childcare can prove helpful

Promotes growth and development

Having a physical activity to follow can refresh your child’s system. A sport or an activity requires your entire body and mind to be present and to be put to use. Life skills like discipline, valuing rules, learning team spirit, respecting diversity, integration of strategy and competitive spirit are acquired by them during this period.


Physical activities like sports help your child tackle through challenges at a young age. Sports set boundary rules but it doesn’t limit a person’s capacity. That is exactly what helps your child to push harder towards their goal each time. From an opportunity to be a role model, understanding goal-setting, risk-taking, etc. your child gathers a fair know-how about these things which further boosts their confidence level.

Versatility, flexibility and endurance

Learning physical activities makes your child versatile. Your child may interact with a lot of people at a given time and these people could be from different culture setups. Exploring different techniques of doing things, working with different teams, participating in competitions, and more makes them more adaptive. It also helps them make decisions based on perspective. If your child takes up activities that involve a lot of stretching, warming up the joints and muscles; they are away from stiffness and this helps improves flexibility. And over a period of time, their endurance capacity increases too, as they develop channel their strength towards performing.

Better focus

Physical activities aren’t devoid of the process of keeping a goal in mind and aligning your energies towards it. A child’s mind, though agile, can be trained into going after the target. Encouraging physical activity in childcare does that job. Sports could help your child set his mind towards what he wants and harnesses his capabilities. Children learn to glide through obstacles, and take failure as learning lessons and prepare to work on their goals come what may.

Positive mind and fit body

The biggest boon of encouraging physical activity in childcare can be the fact that various qualities that your child acquires, eventually cultivate a positive mindset in his system. A ‘never back down’ attitude begins to flow through this system. Sports and other physical activities, help your child in attaining a fit body and a healthy body posture. The fear of them being overweight or obese.

Unlock a healthy future for your child by encouraging physical activity in childcare
Look at the reasons why physical fitness can benefit your child| Image: File image

Convince your kid that physical fitness is:


Learning without fun can make any activity dull for your child. If the activity causes more strain on the child they may not be willing to pursue it.


You as a parent not only need to push your kid into the activities but be a part of it too. Be it actively or passively. If your child sees you being a part of their progress they will be inspired to perform.

Understanding where your child’s interest lies

If you put your child into a sport which they detest, they may not take it up seriously. Understand what your child needs, their body type and what they are willing to do.

Build their competitive streak

Help your child understand that competition is healthy and push them to participate in them. Be their cheerleader. Do not make them obsessed with a victory but the main goal of training and learning.

As a parent, you must be actively involved in encouraging physical activity in childcare so that it becomes a part of their routine. This one step can prepare them for obstacles that they may come to face at any point in their life. Prepare them to get sporting!

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