Everything To Know About Shopping Vegan Fashion in India

Veganism goes beyond consuming vegan food; you need to be mindful of your shopping habits and these 7 brands are making the sartorial choice eco-friendly for you.
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Seeing a significant rise in environmental and ethical concerns especially in industries like fashion and beauty, it’s no surprise that so many are jumping on the vegan bandwagon to test out an alternative and sustainable lifestyle. And while veganism, a concept that began with the consumption of vegan food, is extremely popular amongst the masses, most fail to realise that veganism means changing their way of life to live free of animal cruelty in all spectrums, fashion and food to home décor and even skincare.  

The pandemic has definitely pushed a lot of us towards plant-based consumption, considering the environmental crisis that’s already on an alarming rise. Add to this the fact that the leather and tanning industry is one of the most polluting in the world. Vegan fashion is working towards eliminating this threat and offering consumers faux alternatives made with PETA-approved materials like cannabis, cork fabric, pineapple leaves, recycled plastic and more. For those curious about vegan and sustainable fashion in India, here are 7 PETA-approved brands that are championing the movement.  

1. Hoomanwear  


The Brand:  

Founded in 2019 by Harshil Vora, Hoomanwear, India’s first-ever causewear brand, is a steadily growing e-commerce start-up that’s bringing fashion and sustainability together to start conversations. Hoomanwear raises funds and creates awareness for social and environmental causes, using sustainable fashion. Working with the limited resources available, Vora hoped to find a greener alternative to fast fashion by being mindful of upcycling, eco-consciousness, veganism and sustainability. And so Hoomanwear was developed, based on the Persian word ‘Hooman’ which means, “I have good thoughts, good words, and good deeds.” The brand has committed to producing zero plastic packaging products, even when shipping internationally – using recycled pizza boxes and biodegradable vegetable starch bags’ 

The Products:  

Quirky slogans and conversation-starters reign supreme as the brand’s messaging on most of their apparel. They emanate the cool and aesthetic vibe that most look for in streetwear clothing. From t-shirts and hoodies to crop tops and more, the majority of their products are gender fluid. The brand is constantly looking to collaborate with brands and influencers who want to start their own causewear merchandise. So, if you feel you have a message to share, don’t hesitate to reach out to them. 

Where to buy:  

You can shop from hoomanwear.co  

2. Kalamargam – Path For Art 


The Brand:  

After exiting the corporate world after 13 years, Shilpa Iyer travelled the country to research and meet artisans whose indigenous crafts and weaves required a larger platform to reach the right audience. Kalamargam: Path For Art was created to bridge this gap and add a modern touch to traditional textiles that will appeal to a global market. The brand champions climate change through mindful production and works with plant-based natural fabrics and eco dyes to reduce their carbon footprint on the planet. Apart from that, the brand advocates paying fair living wages to their artisans and providing work opportunities to traditional craftspeople from rural India as well as practicing zero-waste production by upcycling all of their textile waste.  

The Products:  

The choices are vast, from tops and dresses to jackets, pants, kurtas, accessories and more. The design is minimal and timeless and made to last long, something that sits at the root of sustainable fashion. And the extra fabric left after cutting can be seen as packaging bags for their jewellery, so no textile is wasted in production.  

Where to buy:  

You can shop from kalamargam.com  

3. Lake Peace  


The Brand:  

Believers of slow fashion and sustainable consumption, Lake Peace brings impeccable style and environmental-friendly fabrics together to create sartorially stunning clothing that flatters all. Using only natural fibre like organic cottons, handwoven organic kala cotton and naturally dyed or hand block printed cottons, the brand keeps their environmental footprint in mind while producing their garments, creating limited collections for responsible consumption.  

The Products:  

An array of prints, styles and textures greet you as you explore Lake Peace’s offerings. Flattering cuts and elegant designs make them classic garments that can be worn for years to come. From tops, shirts and dresses to jumpsuits and pants, your next closet purchase could promote ecological conservationism.  

Where to buy:  

You can shop from lakepeace.in  

4. A Big Indian Story 


The Brand:  

Born out of the desire for bringing Indian crafts to a greater audience, Anuradha Alurkar and co-founder Sriram Swaminathan developed A Big Indian Story, which has today become one of India’s most contemporary holistic fashion brands. Following the philosophy of cruelty-free and planet-friendly in their design, production and manufacturing, A Big Indian Story is encouraging an ecological change with their vegan fashion alternatives like pinneapple fibre leather, cactus leather, pinatex and texon vogue-made products. 

The Products:  

Footwear made from plants? Well, A Big Indian Story is making it possible. Not only that, you can pick bags, accessories, jewellery, shoes, clothes and much more while also being kind to the planet. Pure linens, cottons, and khadi fabrics in freeform silhouettes that are free of trends or seasons make for sustainable must-haves.  

Where to buy:  

You can shop from abigindianstory.com  



The Brand:  

Working towards ‘the greater good of the planet and its people’, MOBORR (Moh-Bore) handcraft aesthetically pleasing pieces made from rain-fed organic cotton textiles. Their garments are all biodegradable, breathable and low on emissions, making them kinder for the planet and to your closet. The brand follows the slow and ethical fashion ideology by producing in small batches, using plant-based dyes, ensuring zero waste and using coconut shell buttons, tags made from recycled paper and plastic-free packaging.  

The Products:  

Seeking inspiration from all over the world, from European cuts to South American bohos, the brand’s design philosophy is free from the constraints of the fashion calendar, making their pieces evergreen. Pocket-happy dresses, flattering tops, breezy bottoms and stylish jackets and jumpsuits in minimal prints present a wide variety to pick from.  

Where to buy:  

You can shop from moborr.com  

6. Maati by Neha Kabra  


The Brand:  

Maati, an ethical fashion label by Neha Kabra, is inspired by Indian artisans and their endless creativity. Sustainability it at the crux of the brand’s design and business philosophy with handloom khadi being their primary fabric of choice. Their dyes come from nature itself, from indigo, turmeric, sindoor flowers and more. Apart from supporting local artisans and their work, Maati also ensures that their production process is zero-waste and their packaging is 100% plastic-free.  

The Products:  

Maati releases seasonal collections following an inspirational theme. However, uplifting hues, comfortable fabrics and thoughtful silhouettes make them timeless choices that can be worn around the year. The brand offers dresses, tops, bottoms, and more; options for both men and women.  

Where to buy:  

You can shop from maatibynehakabra.com  

7. No Nasties  


The Brand:  

One of India’s first eco-friendly clothing lines, No Nasties has committed itself to reduce the carbon footprint of its brand by using 100% organic cotton and 100% local supply chain. Now, the brand has introduced its planet positive philosophy, bringing incredibly sustainable practices that are positive towards the planet. How you may ask? They invest in carbon offset projects that neutralise their carbon footprint, they consciously work towards lowering their level of water waste. And for every product you buy, the brand plants 3 trees to make a positive impact on our planet.  

The Products:  

Amalgamating style and comfort, No Nasties has managed to make sustainability look extremely fashionable with their designs. Accentuating cuts, soft fabrics and powerful prints make these pieces everyday essentials if you’re looking to add some sartorial pizzazz to your closet. There are countless options for both men and women.  

Where to buy: 

You can shop from nonasties.in 

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