Fast Cars & Mindfulness: How Going Fast & Slowing Down Go Hand In Hand? 

Fast Cars & Mindfulness: How Going Fast & Slowing Down Go Hand In Hand? was a part of the Lamborghini India Bull Run 2023, Bengaluru – A drive with purpose.
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What comes to your mind when you think of fast supercars? The very first thing that you think of is the sound of the car, the roar. Channeling the idea of soundness, the theme of Lamborghini India Bull Run 2023,’s newest master Franziska Krusche helped the participants understand the connection between going fast and slowing down.  

TRM’s newest master, psychologist and yoga expert Franziska Krusche

The Garden City of Bengaluru witnessed a fleet of stunning Lamborghini super sport cars and SUVs driving through its streets as a part of the Lamborghini India Bull Run 2023. The experiential drive provided proud Lamborghini owners the opportunity to feel the power of the bull and an occasion to share their passion for the supercar brand.   

A ‘Drive with a Purpose’, the theme for this Bull Run was the soundness of body and mind and focused on spreading awareness around well-being. The drive aims to address the importance of health by taking Lamborghinis to the streets around Bengaluru and roaring to Soundness. The drive was also followed by a wellness session hosted by our newest TRM Master Franziska Krusche. “The Lamborghini Bull Run was the perfect occasion to not only meet super sport car owners but also share with them what I am most passionate about; movement and mindfulness in order to live a fulfilling life from the inside out”.  


The drive was flagged off from JW Marriott located in the heart of the city in the morning and saw owners of Lamborghini Urus and Huracan EVO race off on the newly constructed Bengaluru Mysore Expressway to reach the destination at the Mysore Union. Once settled, the owners took a seat inside the restaurant as the wellness session began. “I started my session with an ice-breaker exercise, asking questions revolving around their cars, offering them the opportunity to introduce themselves and their beloved cars as well. 

“After the ice-breaker session, we moved into the mindfulness part. I gave a short introduction to why mindfulness and movement as well as the right posture are so important. Not only in everyday life but also while driving. I asked them if anyone had ever experienced severe pain while driving fast (which is indeed an occurrence most people underestimate). I used this as an opportunity to introduce a few stretches that one can do inside the car, using the steering wheel as a helpful prop as well as a few posture corrections to be practiced outside of the car”. 


Another topic Franziska expounded on was dealing with anger or frustration while on the road. “Frustration or anger may occur when you have a car that could potentially speed up way faster than the road conditioning might allow. Since most of the owners had experienced this, it was a great opportunity for me to tap into the topic of mindfulness through some unpleasant experiences they could relate to. I introduced them to Murrcha Pranayama, the elongation of the exhalation as an easy exercise to calm the nervous system, lower cortisol levels, and simply de-stress and regulate their emotions”.    

The session ended with a mindful meal served at the Mysore Union and the attendees were thrilled to have been a part of such a balancing Bull run. 

Lamborghini Bull Run, a purpose driven experiential drive, is a specially curated event organised by the brand as a unique experience for Lamborghini customers to enjoy the thrill and lifestyle Lamborghini offers. Lamborghini India regularly curates such events to allow customers to experience driving their Lamborghini in a city environment, with an unparalleled sense of style and luxury. 

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Inputs shared by TRM Master Franziska Krusche.

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