5 Simple Ways To Deep Clean Your Mind  

5 Simple Ways To Deep Clean Your Mind  

Just like your space needs cleansing, you need to deep clean your mind to unclog thoughts that no longer serve you. 
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Imagine this. Your desk at work is stacked high with different objects; memos, important papers, documents that need to be checked, and much more. When you try to find something specific, this clutter can make your job significantly more difficult. Now, imagine this happening inside of your brain. When unwanted and troubling thoughts pile up, they end up clouding the mind making it difficult to access important mental data. A fruitless search for a memory or thought could leave you feeling frustrated and ready to break down. This is why you need to deep clean your mind. 

Our mental state – the content we consume, read, listen to, watch, the company we keep, who we speak with, and where we put our energies – is a direct reflection of our level of happiness. You need to always prioritise living your best life. And for that, just as you go about decluttering your space, you need to focus on deep cleaning your mind.  

5 Simple Ways To Deep Clean Your Mind  

1. Mindful Eating  

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One of the major sources of energy drainers in our lives is food. You may not realise it, but certain foods can zap your energy instead of refueling you. This happens when we give in to the emotional cues of hunger rather than the physical ones. Mindful eating compels us to focus on eating as an intentional act instead of an automatic or emotionally driven one. Nourishing our bodies with foods that boost overall brain power, improve health, longevity, and quality of life can help us eat smarter and better.   

What to deep clean: Refined sugars and grains, alcohol, coffee, energy drinks, fried and fast foods. 

2. Mindful Reading  

The content you consume, especially the books you read, has a major impact on your perspective on life. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with reading that romance or mystery novel once in a while but ensure that you’re rotating your reading list with books that provide wisdom and inspire growth. There’s a whole world of text our there to discover, from novels and biographies to history books, and essays, poems, and beyond. Make a conscious effort to read in print to reduce your screen time.  

What to deep clean: Books that don’t spark joy and impart you with knowledge. 

3. Mindful Sleeping  

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Getting a good night’s rest heals our bodies and minds, but unfortunately, sleep doesn’t always come easily. Putting conscious effort into improving your sleep quality is essential for your mental state. Mindful sleeping entails practicing mindfulness before bed to recognise and set aside the agitating, arousing, and worrisome thoughts that drive away slumber. The key is to let these emotions, thoughts, and feelings pass.  

What to deep clean: Staying up late at night, doom scrolling.   

4. Mindfulness Meditation  

You’ll never be able to declutter your mind if you don’t take the time to reflect on what is making you feel stuck. If you don’t acknowledge the inner thought monologue that constantly keeps plaguing your mind, how will you lift above the noise? Meditation does not silence the noise, but it helps you not hold on to it, building space for more creative thinking and an inner world of calm. 

What to deep clean: Negative and worrisome thoughts that bog you down.  

5. Mindful Expression  

One of the most effective ways of decluttering your mind is to let them flow onto a sheet of paper. This activity lets them out of your head, and you let go of the responsibility you have to remember them. There are other forms of expression that can help you declutter your mind such as journaling, music, movement, cleaning your space, or speaking with someone.  

What to deep clean: Don’t hold on to anything that no longer serves you.

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Granted, our brains don’t have a restart button, but these simple ways can help you reboot it, one of them being practicing ways to deep clean the mind. The goal isn’t to “empty” your mind, it is to simplify it and build new mental habits that help you live your best life.  

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