Food Trends That Define The ‘New Normal’

Food Trends That Define The ‘New Normal’

Here is how the pandemic has changed the food business by introducing some brand-new food trends.
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Following the outbreak of the coronavirus, people have begun to rethink the ways in which they consume food, being conscious of the products they purchase. With new concerns about hygiene, personal safety and social distancing, food consumption and eating habits have taken a drastic turn in the past few months.

Highlighting these changes, we bring you 5 food trends or habits you should look out for!

Healthy Food Alternatives
Nutritious vegan food
Nutritious vegan food | Image: File Image

Last year saw a big shift towards plant-based eating as people became more aware of health conditions associated with a meat-based diet. This year may see the same shift, with veganism and organic food alternatives taking over.

As the veganism shift has already taken the world by storm, the lifestyle trend may soon be a major part of India as well. Smaller cafes and restaurants have already popped up in the past year or so, promoting vegan and organic food options.

Fine Dining Delivery Restaurants

The concept of delivery restaurants is not a new one, but Indians are seeking ideas to deliver an experience. Chef-driven restaurants offering a fine dining experience will venture into delivery services, delivering the fine dining experience home. A hygienic, gourmet experience curated for the at-home customer, serving the purpose of fine dining as well as social distancing.

At Home Experiences

Another alternative, a trend explored by a select few in India, was the at-home dining experience. Establishments like Bohri Kitchen in Mumbai offer an at-home experience where the guest sits and eats at the owner’s house. This idea is an interesting approach towards social distancing as only a small group of people will be catered to during their experience.

Similarly, an at-home cooking experience will be provided by many restaurants. Ritu Dalmia of Diva restaurants recently started a DIY meal kit called Diva Casa. Zorawar Kalra of Masala Library, Farzi Cafe and more introduced the idea of sending chefs and servers to the diner’s home, providing a complete at-home experience indoors.

Meat Alternatives

As mentioned above, a plant-based diet trend will give rise to mock meats, and mock dairy products. The industry is thriving abroad, with a lot of people getting on the trend and it may have a huge market in India as well. It tells people that by switching to mock meat or meat alternatives, they can keep a high protein intake instead of switching to a carb-fueled plant-based diet.

Virtual Restaurants

Virtual kitchens and ghost kitchens were on the cards earlier this year and the concept may take off post-COVID-19. Some already exist where in the case of cloud kitchens, the service provided is delivery only and in the case of ghost kitchens, the food is outsourced by the restaurant and made with methods as per menu formulas provided.

This concept removes the idea of dine-in facilities, servers, finding a prime location, customer acquisition and much more. Post the pandemic, the idea of live internet restaurants could take shape as a method to execute social distancing, hygiene, and other health factors.

‘Cooking at home’ has already made its place in the ‘new normal’ that we’re experiencing. As things evolve and new methods take birth, cooking at home may take a whole new meaning with restaurants trying to master their post-pandemic-home experience.

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