Free Yourself Of Toxic Anger By Forgiving

Free Yourself Of Toxic Anger By Forgiving

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In this crazy fast-paced life that you lead, you meet and interact with several kinds of people. You categorize them on the bases of the experiences you’ve had with them. And one such category can be that of an enemy. Your enemies could be your former friends you had a feud with or your competitor at work. But have you thought about forgiving your enemies?

The point here in the question is, does holding a grudge against them really serve you any good? Does it make you feel wise, happy, more content or a better individual? Honestly, it doesn’t. It just gets toxic with passing time. It affects you more than it affects anyone else. And, in order to deal with this, you must learn to let go. Not because what they did was incorrect, but because you deserve your peace and forgiving your enemies can give you the time, space and energy for your own growth.

Let’s see how forgiving your enemies is possible.

How forgiving your enemies can be conducive to your growth:

  1. It makes you a better person

Having an enemy can deactivate your own positive channels. Since you are consumed by the feeling of bitterness towards a particular person, you are unable to arrive at a mode of action that helps you grow. Forgiving your enemies puts you in a better space, mentally and emotionally.

Imagine yourself at the ease of not having to spew the ill feelings over a mail or a text? Imagine yourself dedicating that time for your own growth, nourishment and evaluation instead.

  1. Helps you re-evaluate your anger

Anger is parasitic. It feeds on your mind, emotions, body everything. And, it also seeps into your daily chores or work systems. At this point, you must step back and take stock of what you can do with all this anger you have towards an individual? Forgiving your enemies helps you keep away from drawing more anger into your life and moves you towards channelizing it. Managing anger is an essential life skill. Forgiveness allows you to disperse this anger for a better purpose.

forgiving your enemies
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  1. Can help you bond

Addressing the issue with your enemy is crucial in order to avoid the hate and resentment from eating up space within you.  Sometimes the matter can be resolved purely with a healthy conversation. Doing this requires you to take the initiative of forgiving your enemies and striking a dialogue. This could bring you together and help you resolve the discord amicably.

  1. Makes you realise your potential

Nobody can nudge you like your enemy. When you hear something unpleasant coming from them, you want to knock off the matter right there by proving them wrong. This might push you to wake up your sleepy bones and focus. This goes onto show how they can be beneficial in helping you tap into your potential by hitting right where it hurts.

  1. Hints at your shortcomings

Your enemies can make pinching remarks about you. And as bad as that sounds, there could be truth to that matter which you are not self-aware of. In this way, it gives you a feeler of your shortcomings and their statement becomes an opportunity for growth.

  1. Can trigger your competitive edge

Competition is a healthy process which pushes you, challenges you and helps you go for the prize. Having an enemy can help you sharpen your blunt edges and get into the game. While being competitive has its advantages, it must be seen to it that you don’t go off track in the process and invite undue harm.

  1. Helps you get rid of hatred

Hate brings with itself pain, trauma, missed opportunity to heal and other negative impulses. Stopping the hate tap from leaking can happen when you realise that forgiving your enemies can actually fetch you calm and peace to move through the tide. Carrying the weight of hate can push you away from maybe even earning a friend in yourself.

While the logic of forgiveness doesn’t appeal to all at once, Mahatma Gandhi’s words still ring true today- “An eye for an eye, will make the whole world blind.”

Releasing yourself from the treacherous claws of holding a grudge against some is a great idea if you want a good life. Are you willing to take this step for yourself is the real question.

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