When All Else Fails, Just Hug Your Pet!

When All Else Fails, Just Hug Your Pet!

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Stress is an extremely common issue these days. It is caused by various reasons and technology is a major one. In effect, it causes the constant pressure of checking emails or social media etc. We have taken on too many roles, and it gets mentally exhausting to fulfill them. With this in mind, we need more stress-release mechanisms. One such way is to spend some time with pets. It is a well-known fact that pets reduce stress in humans.

Pets are an instant source of happiness and unconditional love. It has been scientifically proven that having pets close by or even just thinking about them is enough to lower your blood pressure. According to the director of the Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Beck, there are 8 ways in which pets reduce stress in humans.

pet's love is uncontional
A pet’s love is unconditional | Image: File Image

8 Ways In Which Pets Reduce Stress In Humans:

  1. Lower blood pressure – It has been scientifically proven that being near a pet can reduce blood pressure.
  2. Increase cardiovascular health- According to several studies, it has been indicated that pets have a positive impact on the heart’s health.
  3. Keep us physically active – Pet owners get more exercise. This reduces stress and depression. Taking them out for walks and playing with them gives you enough exercise. Therefore, pets help reduce stress in humans.
  4. Reduces loneliness – Humans are social beings. Loneliness is one of the causes of stress. Pets provide companionship, which decreases loneliness and encourages social bonding, thereby reducing stress.
  5. Live in the moment – Living in the past, and worrying about the future are two big reasons of stress. Pets encourage you to live in the moment and reduce stress associated with your past or future.
  6. Fulfill your need for touch – The psychological importance of touch is a well-known fact. Physical touch decreases violence, builds trust, boosts the immune system and reduces stress. Most of all, pet owners get to benefit by this and is essential for those who live alone.
  7. Improve self-esteem – Pet owners have better self-esteem than those who don’t own pets. They are less fearful and less preoccupied. All this contributes to the fact that pets reduce stress in humans.
  8. Make us laugh – Pets have an innate ability to keep us happy and make us laugh. Laughter gets rid of stress and reduces any tension.

Be it any kind of pet, we can see the benefits of owning one every day. The fact that pets reduce stress in human, is enough to want to have one!

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