From Being A House Help To Becoming A Comic – Deepika Mhatre Tells Us Her Success Story

From Being A House Help To Becoming A Comic – Deepika Mhatre Tells Us Her Success Story

She fought all odds, never gave up, and achieved everything she wanted. This is her story.
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“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney.

And Deepika Mhatre did have the courage. Having lived most of her life in poverty, her dreams were the only things that kept her head high and her heart warm when things got tough.

Always wearing a smile, she made sure everyone around her also had one, which is why today she is a stand-up comedian.

What starts as a heart-wrenching story of a maid, who cleans utensils in people’s home for a living ends up with her standing on a stage, in the spotlight, holding a mic, and making everyone laugh to no end! It’s nothing less than a modern-day fairy-tale for a girl who had the courage to never give up on her dreams.
She sheds light on her journey in a candid conversation with

How did the idea of taking up stand-up comedy occur to you?

Deepika Mhatre: I had never imagined myself doing stand up professionally. Earlier, at the building where I used to work as a maid, they held an event where maids like me would showcase our talents. It was there that I tried doing stand-up for the first time, and it even got printed in the newspaper. After which, Aditi Mittal taught me everything about stand-up comedy, and today because of it, I am where I am.

Tell us what kept you going.

DM: Hard work, and sheer hard work. I believe that if you have the passion to do something then hard work will get you there. You can achieve anything. Working in people’s homes, then going around selling artificial jewellery in trains, and then rushing for my shows, I would be running around all day. I was firm on improving my and my three daughters’ life. Thankfully today, we are in a better place.

You make people laugh, who makes you laugh?

After hearing this question, she let out hearty laughter and said, “When I reach home after a long day, I dance with my girls. The four of us have a ball! The time that I spend with them is always the happiest and memorable for me.”

A message you would like to give everyone?

DM: No work is considered ‘small.’ We should leave behind the habit of judging people by the kind of work they do. Respect and appreciate the people who work for you.

I would like to tell this to the youth especially, that the road to success is not easy, but don’t worry, just give your 100 percent every day, and just be happy!

You can get the details about her upcoming shows here.

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