Globally Renowned Spiritual Guide BK Shivani Shares Her Secret To A Happy And Content Life

Globally Renowned Spiritual Guide BK Shivani Shares Her Secret To A Happy And Content Life

How to be happy, how to replace negative thoughts, how to reduce stress, BK Shivani answered these and many more questions during our exclusive webinar on 20th June.
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So many of us have lost someone or something in the past one and half years of the pandemic. It’s difficult to fill that void and undo the events. But we must go on, and the right way to do that is by being positive and empowering ourselves and others.

How we do that? How do we keep thoughts pure and clean? How can we change our actions? Motivational and spiritual guru BK Shivani shared her secrets to lead a happy and positive life during an exclusive webinar on 20th June, 2021.

Here’s what she said.

Leave the past in the past

We tend to overthink why someone said something to us, why did they speak that way, what was going on in their mind, and so on. This is the baggage we carry with us, which makes it difficult to move forward. BK Shivani clarified this point by sharing a very interesting example. She said that when something falls on our clothes, we clean them immediately so that there is no stain. Similarly, what occurred in the past is a stain, and when we keep on thinking about it, we do not clean them off. Do not let those stains settle on your mind. Whenever there is something troubling you, write it down. Write a letter to yourself, addressing the thoughts that are stressing you out. This will help you clean those stains of the past, and free them from your mind forever.

Live in the moment

When you have freed your old karma and thoughts, learn to live the present in the right way. If thought is bothering you, then sit quietly for 30 seconds, try to change that thought. Pay attention to your language and the language of your thoughts. Then, replace that negative language, with a positive one. It will automatically make you optimistic and show you the way ahead.

Pay attention to what you think

The present can be made better only when our thoughts are right. Firstly, examine your thoughts, see whether they’re positive or not, if not, you know you have to transform them. Most of the time, we don’t pay heed to the thoughts and the language of our thoughts, which makes us irritable or grumpy.

In the webinar, BK Shivani suggested a great way through which we can transform our thoughts. She said that when we teach a kid to speak, we always repeat the same line again and again for them to understand. In the same way, when we repeat the right thoughts to ourselves, again and again, our mind starts thinking in the same rhythm and direction. What we tell ourselves becomes the reality, and keeping our thoughts positive ultimately makes our life positive.

Empower the mind

Learning how to control your thoughts, is the best way to empower your mind. When your mind is no longer dependent on outer stimuli, you will feel empowered. Connecting this with everyday life, BK Shivani said that when we say, “I cannot live without tea/coffee or my morning cannot start without tea/coffee,” then our life is submissive to our mind. We’ve tied ourselves to thinking that if we do not get tea/coffee in the morning, we may not have a good day, or we’ll have a headache. This is why, in order to empower the mind, we need to learn how to control our thoughts. Once you decide to do something and tell yourself that you can do it, your mind will obey. Learn to master your mind, not fall prey to it.

Always remember these small things in life

She ended the session with these little lessons.

  • keep your mind clear of negative thoughts
  • keep your body healthy
  • meditate regularly to be emotionally strong
  • have a healthy and balanced food intake to boost immunity
  • boost your mind’s immunity by consuming positive content on social media and reading good books.

If these things are adopted in everyday life, your life is bound to be positive!

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