How Corporates Are Initiating Action To Recycle Plastic?

How Corporates Are Initiating Action To Recycle Plastic?

We all know plastic is not biodegradable; but its’ correct disposal is important. Bisleri’s initiative encourages people on the responsible disposal of plastic.
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Did you know that each year, India consumes around 13 million tonnes of plastic? And, only 78 percent of it is recycled and the rest 22 percent lands up in dumping grounds? And, it takes about thousand years for one plastic bottle to degrade? This may seem scary, but recycling of bottles can help the situation. Bisleri, one of the most popular bottled water brands, believes that our irresponsible behaviour causes more harm to the ecosystem. The brand, through its initiative, Bottles for Change, attempts to create awareness about the importance of recycling plastic.

In fact, disposal of clean plastic results in recycling it. This in turn can be used to from recycled polyester. From this, several products such has bags, T-shirts, shoes, and more can be made.  

Keeping this in mind, Bisleri’s initiative, Bottles for Change, attempts to encourage people to dispose plastic sensibly. The initiative further focuses on channelising all types of used plastic for recycling. Its goal is ‘Be the Change You Want To See’.

Bisleri has tied up with three NGOs that are basically plastic agents or kabadiwala groups in Mumbai, to collect plastic. The three NGOs are Parisar Bhagini Vikas Sangh (PBVS), a social enterprise, Sampurna Earth, Mumbai and Dalmia Polypro Industries Ltd., a recycler.

These agents collect used plastic from stakeholders such as schools, colleges, housing societies, hotels, corporates, and others. The collected plastic is segregated and the clean plastic is crushed into tiny flakes. Then, it is used to make handbags, window binds, and other such recycled products.

Besides, Bottles for Change creates awareness among stakeholders about the correct disposal of plastic. These awareness and collection drives are conducted through workshops with all the stakeholders.

Another part of this initiative is the Nukkad Natak, in which Bisleri hosted a play that sent out the message of recycling of plastic and its responsible disposal. The play was enacted at various locations in Mumbai on the 24th of January. The main message of this street play was to give away the used plastic for recycling.

Do not wait for someone else to initiate action. Get up, do it yourself and work towards a greener future.

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