How Your Family Helps You Stay Healthy & Happy?

How Your Family Helps You Stay Healthy & Happy?

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Family comes first. You may have said and heard this many times in your life. But have you ever pondered upon why so? Your family creates a strong foundation for your emotional as well as physical well being. In most cases, it’s a family that people go back to after a day’s hard work and unwind, rejuvenate, and re-energize themselves. But how does family bring happiness to your life?

Each member of your family is unique and so are their needs. But a few common practices can help you generally build a strong, happy, and healthy family.

How does family bring happiness?

Helps you maintain your self respect

Constructive criticism is good in most cases. But at times, you may tend to be harsh on yourself. Only finding faults in how you are can destroy your image about yourself. At such times, you need to develop a sense of self-respect. And that’s what your family can help you with. They can help you see the good qualities that you have. They may encourage you to understand what you deserve and be kind to yourself. Your family can also support you in taking your talents to a next level. These actions in turn can help you build a good image of yourself and develop self-respect.

Looks after you and cares for you

Taking care of your body can help in improving your mental health. So, healthy practices like eating a nutritious diet, getting rid of addictions like smoking, drugs, and alcohol, regular exercising, are a few that you can begin with to get physically fitter.  Addictions like these can only provide a short-term relief from your negative emotions. But it is never a permanent solution to have a good mental health.

Needless to say that family  plays a crucial role in both, helping you get over addictions as well as developing healthy habits. They are the first to cheer you all along your journey. And also the first to point out to you when you falter. Your family can keep a healthy, loving pressure on you to follow your health routine. So, next time your mum scolds you for eating outside food, do ask her to help you build a healthy eating habit for yourself.

They are the ‘good people’ you need in life

how does family bring happiness
How does family bring happiness? | Image: file image

Studies have often showed that individuals with positive and supportive people around them have good mental health. So, get the family support and engage in activities with them. Nowadays, many people alienate themselves from their loved ones as they allow social media addictions to engulf them. But it’s crucial to spend time with your family, rather for your own sake than theirs. Make sure all of you go out for picnics or have some family activity that you do every week. The least you can do is to have one meal together.

Coping with Stress

Unfortunately, stress has become a part of most people’s lives. But having stress is not an ideal state of being. In stressful situations, you can easily lean back on your family for support, apart from practicing other coping techniques. Speak to your family about what bothers you. It can prove to be a good way of venting out your negative emotions. Your family members may not only hear you out but also provide practical solutions to what is bothering you.

Family can also help you deal with stress by encouraging you to relax your mind through meditation or other such activities. Watching a humorous movie or play with your loved ones can kick stress out of your life. Remember, laughter is the best medicine and your family can give you many reasons for laughing, having fun, and being happy.

Helps you set goals that are realistic

In all areas of life, be it professionally, personally, or academically setting targets that are achievable and realistic is key.  It is good to have a high aim. But having a realistic and practical strategy is equally important to help you chase your dreams. Your family can give you a reality-check when you most need it. It is your family who will not think twice before bringing you back to the ground when you are behaving high headed. Only your near ones can do it in a loving way that doesn’t bruise your self-respect but points out where you are lacking. What’s more, they are always up for helping you cover up for what is missing.

So, if you are struggling with any aspect of your life, speak to your family members. There is nothing wrong in seeking help from your loved ones. And there’s no need to feel ashamed of your wrongdoings either. You can rely on them to help you stay on a good path and if you should ever go astray, they are the ones to help you come back on track. So, keep your family close and spend time with them.

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