How To Beat Exam Stress?

How To Beat Exam Stress?

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In retrospect, the stress during examinations seems futile. But as a student, it has a very negative impact on our well-being. We worry about getting good grades and stress over studying. This stress, without any doubt, decreases one’s capabilities. And we end up with unsatisfactory results, increasing stress all over again. One ends up running around in the same vicious circle. In order to score well, a student needs to get rid of all that stress. But, how to avoid stress while studying?

How to avoid stress while studying:

  • De-clutter your room and study desk: It is not just something our mothers drone on about. But a very scientific fact. The more clutter leads to more distractions and lesser concentration on your studies. It is essential to clean your room and desk before you sit down to study. And once you are done, remember to arrange things, so that you save time and energy before you sit down to study the next time.
  • Read something for leisure: Reading for pleasure reduces stress up to 68%. When the tension starts building up at the mere thought of an exam, shut your books and pick up some light reading to give yourself a 10-minute break. This light reading eases your heart rate and tension in your muscles. Making you feel relaxed, both physically and mentally.
how to avoid stress while studying
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  • Reduce sugar intake:Higher sugar intake causes more stress. So, avoid skipping breakfast, don’t eat sugary cereals or drink sugary drinks. Your breakfast should include high amounts of protein, fruits, and vegetables etc.
  • Reduce the overuse of mobile phones:Hazards of the constant use of technology are well-known. So, it’s best to give a pass to unnecessary use of gadgets to keep the mind calm, focused, and relaxed.
  • Increase your daily dose of sunshine:This increases one’s serotonin levels. A 5-15 min exposure of sunlight per day is enough to keep your serotonin levels healthy.
  • Sing to soothe your tensions:Singing releases endorphins which decreases stress.
  • Time management:In order to avoid stress while studying, one needs to learn how to manage their time efficiently, so that they get good amounts of sleep and relaxation in order to feel energized enough, which in turn will help you focus on studying.
  • Avoid multitasking
  • Follow a regular exercise regime:Be it aerobics, yoga, or a normal walk/jog. It is essential to introduce some regular exercise. Deep breathing exercises are also highly recommended.
  • Increasing intake of vitamin C in your diet
  • Focus on progress, not perfection:The most important thing one must keep in mind in order to learn how to avoid stress while studying is that you should never concentrate on achieving perfection. Set realistic goals while studying and concentrate on progress rather than perfection.

Any kind of stress can have an impact on mental health and well-being and for any student, stress negatively impacts grades and demotivates the student. Follow the above steps and learn an effective method on how to avoid stress while studying.


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