Stressed? Read This!

Stressed? Read This!

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Stress is not a natural feeling. It is one you may bring upon yourself. Stress can come upon you for several reasons. There could be several reasons you have to deal with stress. Work pressure, financial crunch, managing relationships or even running late for college. Stress takes over different people differently. When stressed out, you may react inappropriately and worsen the situation, which in turn may make you stress more. And the more you stress the more you can get caught in this vicious cycle. In such a situation, you need to realise that you need to get out of it. You need to learn the tips on how to stop being stressed.

Learn how to stop being stressed with these simple techniques

Step out of the frame

It’s hard to see the big picture when you are in the frame. Take a step away from your existing problems. Distance yourself to get more objective about the issue. Understand what is in your circle of control and focus on it. You can write a list of pros and cons of the problem and then identify the kernel of the issue. Meditation is also effective for gaining perspective. Breathing techniques also have proven to be very useful for stress relief. They make you concentrate on the basic of living, breathing, which helps you put issues in perspective. According to WebMD, meditation provides a state of deep relaxation which results in controlled metabolism, pulse rate, and blood pressure which in turn help us control stress.

Get sweaty

Exercise 3 times a week to beat the stress away. You can choose between light, medium or high-intensity activities depending on your health. Simple exercises like walking, running, cycling, or swimming help boost endorphins which is the “feel good” chemicals induce sleep and calm down our body. Yoga & Tai Chi are some of the other options to beat anxiety. A recent poll conducted by Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), around 14% of Americans who suffer stress use exercising as a method to get rid of it. These exercises include Walking, cycling, and yoga.

Talk it out

Talk about what you’re feeling with a friend or family. If you’re afraid of feeling judged, you can also reach out to a therapist or counsellor for help. It is important to ask for help without any guilt. According to American Physiological Association (APA) sharing your concerns and feelings with another person helps relieve stress.

Laugh out Loud

A smile can boost your mood! So smile and laugh out loud! Smiling and laughing activates endorphins in our body making us feel better immediately. American Psychological Association also says that our brain is interconnected with our facial expression and emotions so laughing and smiling help in maintaining the stress level. Whether it is a book, or a movie, or a friend, or a laughter club, find a way to get some laughter every day.

how to stop being stressed
Simple tips to follow to stop being stressed. | Image: File Image
Develop an attitude of gratitude

Gratitude could be a one-stop solution for all of your mental health issues as it makes us focus on positives. Instead of focusing on what is not working, change your focus on the things that you are thankful for i.e., what is working. Keep a gratitude journal and spend a few minutes every day penning the wonderful things that happen to you. It may seem difficult at first, but acknowledge the small joys, and slowly you will find you have more things to be grateful for.

Everyone at some point has felt stress in their lives, to whatever degree. What is important is how you react to the challenging situations in life no matter how big or small. The solution lies in learning how to stop being stressed. All of it depends upon your attitude and approach towards solving the situation. Choose to follow these steps to be calm and stress-free!

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