Did You Know That Stress Can Be Good Too?

Did You Know That Stress Can Be Good Too?

Stress is always viewed as a culprit for many health ailments, but did you know that it has benefits too?
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Stress is always seen as a negative factor in life that leads to several health problems, which can be serious. But did you know that it has benefits too?

Chronic stress vs moderate stress

There are two types of stresses, chronic and moderate stress. Chronic stress plagues our thoughts daily. It leads to health ailments such as high blood pressure, depression, tiredness, anxiety, heart disease, and others. While moderate stress, scientifically known as ‘eustress’, is short-lived.

Chronic stress is due to the death of a loved one, a divorce, family problems, a busy schedule, and other such reasons. This stress is mostly related to meeting deadlines, a forthcoming promotion, starting a new job, and other such ones.

Benefits of eustress

Boosts brain power

Eustress boosts brainpower, thus improving memory and concentration. Chemicals such as neurotrophins are stimulated because of moderate stress. These chemicals make the connections between neurons in the brain stronger. This can help in boosting brain power thus improving memory and concentration.

Heightens sense of awareness

Eustress can aid in achieving a state of ‘flow’. This means it helps us in getting completely involved in any activity undertaken. This can be anything, such as creative, sports, workplace tasks. Since eustress makes us more aware, we get completely absorbed in the task at hand.

Makes us more resilient

Moderate stress also helps in becoming resilient in difficult situations. It improves resilience and helps in tackling each problem effectively. In effect, eustress trains us to deal with any problem or such situations in the future.

Boosts the immune system

The fight or flight response that humans are wired for protects us from any problem. A chemical called interleukins is stimulated when experiencing moderate stress. This chemical boosts the immune system, thus protecting from common infections such as a cold.

Motivates to be more productive

Moderate stress helps in motivating to tackle routine tasks quickly; it encourages us to do more as well. This is because there’s no idle time left to waste. People tend to complete their tasks in a set timeline.  Thus, it leads to overall success in any activity or task.

Let’s not make stress the ‘bad guy’ always, for it can be great for us overall if it’s in moderation.

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