4 Sure-Shot Steps To Suppress  Negative Thoughts

4 Sure-Shot Steps To Suppress Negative Thoughts

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The way you think and react to situations holds the power to unlock the flow of your day. Hence it is essential for you to understand your thinking patterns and track your negative thoughts. Learning how to change your behaviour from negative to positive is no herculean effort.

Here are tips on how to change your behaviour from negative to positive

Mapping the way you think

The way you feel and emote stems from your thoughts. In order to feel right, you must connect the dots towards positivity by highlighting the things that make you feel negative and then dive into steering clear from those. You can do that by following these easy steps:

  1. Start out by making a list of your thoughts so you can exactly spot what makes you feel negative.
  2. Then explore the probable causes that led you to build upon those negative thoughts.
  3. Take into account your pattern of thinking. Doing this will keep you away from turning negative thoughts into beliefs. Tracing your patterns can also help you mark the consequences that such thinking leads to. Knowing the outcome will help you understand where the changes are to be made.
Incorporate affirmative thinking

Making a shift from negative thoughts to positive thoughts is basically a process of self-improvisation. Here’s how you can go about it:

  1. Stop using negative words in conversations that you have with yourself or others. Using negative words can fuel undesirable thoughts.
  2. Consciously monitor your thoughts. This can help you stay alarmed as to what kind of thoughts are leading to negative emotions and you can shift your focus to the positive counterparts of your thoughts accordingly.
  3.  Keep away from thoughts that poke your self-esteem or that are a product of assumptions.
how to change your behaviour from negative to positive
4 methods that can help you combat negative thoughts| Image: File image
Making positivity the top priority

If you don’t take charge of your thoughts, you’ll soon be in the grasp of unfavourable emotions. Hence knowing how to change your behaviour from negative to positive is essential. Here are some simple tips that can be followed:

  1. Constantly whining or cribbing can be a total mood damper. Get into the habit of expressing gratitude and appreciating all the good things that are present in your life.
  2. An optimistic way of thinking is not possible if you spend most of your time lamenting or worrying about the incidents that have occurred in your life. Mindfully drift away from such thoughts and divert your energies towards activities which make you feel upbeat.
  3. Setting fresh targets for each day is a way of directing both your mind and your body towards something you want to achieve. When efforts are aligned with goals they bring about progressive thinking.
  4. Accept change by not dwelling on the past and focusing on the road ahead. Try to look for opportunities that will help you grow rather than things that stagnate your thinking process.
Dealing with deep-rooted negative events

There can be some events in life which have a steep impact on you like death, divorce, etc. In such circumstances, you have to give yourself space and time to come to terms with dealing with pain. You can divert your mind from negative events by:

  1. Indulging in various activities or hobbies like art, music, dancing and more.
  2. Giving your body proper care. Complete sleep, eating well and keeping yourself fit with exercise are few things you can do to keep your body satisfied. This will strengthen your immune system and make you feel fresh and ready to conquer the day.
  3. Seek professional guidance if you see yourself going downhill in terms of your behaviour. Professional guidance will help you understand your issues and deal with them better.

Practising the simple trick of shifting your thoughts can help you to not only have a positive day but make the most of it too. So, the next time you see yourself going off the mark, you know how to change your behaviour from negative to positive by thinking in the right way.

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