Let Your Fears Take A Flight! – Moral Story By Swami Vivekananda

Let Your Fears Take A Flight! – Moral Story By Swami Vivekananda

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Look around you, every person you see is trying to achieve something or the other in life. Their needs might be different, but they are all working towards achieving their goals. However, sometimes our quest to achieve our goals is hampered by our fears. Fears are like shadows; they follow and haunt us whenever we go. We are so intimidated by them, that we fail to realise their magnitude and to see how trivial they are. This is when you must mutter courage and learn how to face your fears head on!

how to face your fears head on
The fearless leader | Image: NDTV

Perhaps, Swami Vivekananda’s real-life story will best explain how to face your fears head on

Once Swami Vivekananda was returning from a temple when he happened to pass by a narrow lane. On one side of the lane was a huge water tank, and a tall standing wall on the other. On that wall was a troop of monkeys. And monkeys being the way they are, didn’t let him cross the road.

They were all screaming and screeching at him. Also, the lane was so narrow, Vivekananda has no other way to escape. Unable to think of anything else, he started marching in the direction away from them.

The monkeys were not done yet and they started running behind him! He was terrified and just kept on running. While one monkey from the troop was about to bite Vivekananda, an old man who was passing by, exclaimed, “Fight your fears”! As soon as he heard these words, a wave of courage hit him. He turned around and stared back at the monkey. Much to his surprise, the monkey frightened and fled away!

This simple incident teaches us an important lesson in life. With determination, courage, and fearlessness, one can pass through any obstacle.

Image: Scribble And Scrawl

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