How To Get Over A Heartbreak?

How To Get Over A Heartbreak?

Everyone is afraid of rejection, but one has to endure them eventually. Here’s what you can do to get over them at the earliest.
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Getting over someone you had imagined your life with is heart-wrenching. Your heart sinks, and you might feel like a dark cloud is hovering over you all the time. You might feel you would never get over this overwhelming feeling. But hey! You know what? All of us have been through this exact same feeling. And here are some things I did that worked for me, and I hope they do for you too.

Here’s what you should do.


The very first step is to accept the shortcomings. Of course, it’s going to hurt but understanding the fact that things didn’t work out in your favour will align you with reality. Which is very important. The goal is to move on from this upsetting incident and the first thing you need to do is endure it. There might be short sharp bouts of pain in your atrium, but you’re not dying for sure.

It’s alright to cry

Allow yourself to be upset. Give yourself time to recover. It is true that after a nasty breakup the brain can trigger the same response as a withdrawal from a drug. Take your time to collect your thoughts. Sometimes it’s okay to ponder over what just happened. It gives room for reasoning and understanding.

Express your feelings

The next step would be to give yourself an outlet. An outlet to your emotions and the insurmountable feelings that have developed over time. One could do so by writing about it. If you have a personal diary you can update it on a regular basis about how you feel. If you have a trusted one and you feel you can speak with them, then you could do that. Moreover, get help from a trusted therapist if you feel that is what might be able to help you.

Eat healthy

One may be hurt deep down but it’s important to stay nourished. Your health is the most important aspect of you as a person and will act as a catalyst to the process of healing. Certain foods also act as mood enhancers so you could eat a little extra of them, maybe?

Socialise again

Try getting back to the routine. Do the things that make you happy. Start socialising again. Hang out with your friends more often. Do what makes you happy. The sooner you get back to the grind, the better it is. Meeting friends and staying around people that make you happy is the best way to go about it.

So chin up, and always keep one thing in mind – you’re not alone.

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