Yoga: Helping Cancer Patients To Bounce Back

Yoga: Helping Cancer Patients To Bounce Back

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Cancer is one of the most rapidly spreading diseases today. The scary part is that as of today, there is no 100% cure to it. So, keeping in mind, prevention is better than cure, it is better to know how to prevent cancer before it starts. Women, while taking care of everyone, barely take care of themselves. Because of this, so many physical changes go undetected. And women fall prey to breast cancer. After a torturous ordeal, women lose everything including their self-confidence. See how you can tackle this disease –

How To Prevent Cancer Before It Starts:

The department of biotechnology, University of Mysore is imparting yoga and meditation sessions. They are doing this in order to help cancer survivors and patients with the multi-faceted pressures of this disease. Under this project, 30 patients of all ages are being taught yoga and meditation daily. There are also free discussion sessions that help them return to normalcy.

how to prevent cancer before it starts
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Besides these, a few patients undergo a biomarker test which helps assess the impact of the sessions on their health. Though yoga does not cure cancer, it balances the patients and helps them deal with depression. It is like a helping hand, which keeps the body going, and prepares it to withstand chemo.

This program has given people their confidence and stamina. Yoga helps cancer patients feel confident and beautiful. It helps them overcome their fear and pain. Because when the mind and body are in a peaceful and positive space, the chances of recovering are better.

Think Right Tips:

  • Go for a yearly health check-up, as cancer symptoms cannot be detected easily
  • Maintain a balanced lifestyle
  • Any sort of physical exercise is a must
  • Women should check for lumps in their breasts every 6 months

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