One Woman Shows Hyderabad How To Save Water

One Woman Shows Hyderabad How To Save Water

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Water is the most essential resource, from drinking to cooking and cleaning. The world keeps fighting to preserve water resources yet there is always a scarcity. Most of the planet and  70% of the human body is made up of water. Since it such an essential commodity, it is imperative to protect water sources. Kalpana Ramesh, a Hyderabad based architect, has demonstrated how we can save water.

The Issue

An architect and interior designer, Kalpana returned to Hyderabad, with her husband, after working in the US and Singapore. She noticed her society buys water from tankers, to fulfil water requirements. This often resulted in much water wastage. Hyderabad receives rain 3-4 months of the year. Kalpana decided to initiate action to change the water supply in her society.

Kaplana’s Method

Kalpana decided to harvest rainwater so her family need not rely on external water supply. The system would collect rainwater from her roof and purify it. Kalpana noticed the benefits of rainwater. Clothes were brighter when washed with the harvested water. She started recycling used water by installing a water processing plant. After her family was comfortable with the system, she promoted the method to her community who received the idea well. Gradually, the entire community adopted Kalpana’s system and stopped relying on water tankers.

how to protect water sources
How to protect water sources?| Image: File image

What Next?

Kalpana realized Hyderabad has over 3000 lakes providing drinking water. But some of these lakes exhausted their water resources due to mismanagement, pollution, and contamination. She started an initiative, “Live the Lakes“. with support from the government, educational and student bodies. They helped clean and revive the lakes in order. Kalpana hopes to revive 62 lakes in Hyderabad.

Kalpana Ramesh is an inspiration for anyone who aims to ensure the survival of future generations by showing how to protect water sources. Her small home project now inspires hope for real change.

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