Be The Architect Of Your Life!

Be The Architect Of Your Life!

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Can we all agree to this point – that a positive work environment and friendly colleagues actually help boost our mood and in-turn our performance at work? Nobody wants to work amidst gossipy or grumpy co-workers. Now, what if, you bring your best to the table, but the work environment is suffocating? In a situation like this, you got to learn how to stay positive in a negative work environment. And, how do we do that? Let’s find out with this interesting example here –

How To Stay Positive In A Negative Work Environment? 

how to stay positive in a negative work environment
Appreciating others at work | Image: File Image

Once, a young girl was complaining to her father about how difficult her life was. She was tired of all the challenges destiny was throwing in her way. She was just ready to give up. He took her into the kitchen and asked her to wait and watch. He then took three items – an egg, coffee beans, and a potato. The father then filled three separate pots with water and put them on to boil. After a while, he took them out of the boiling water and asked his daughter to watch carefully.

What he pointed out was a lesson for life. The hard, relentless potato had to succumb to the boiling water (adversity) and it became soft. But, the soft egg became hard. And, the coffee beans made the hot water tasty and aromatic!

The environment for all of these three items was the same – hot boiling water, but how they reacted to it, determined their destiny.

Similarly, it is up to us to decide what we want to become after facing challenges. Do we want to become weak or too hard and stoic? Or would you rather, like the coffee bean, go through adversity and grow into a different beautiful personality, just like a butterfly?

The most important lesson in life is to be happy and to love your life and everything in it. Even the tough days. Because only then do you learn to fight back and achieve the impossible.

Think Right Tips For Staying Positive – 

Stay Positive – Keep your chin up, it will motivate you to change your situation.

Stay Resilient – No matter how hard the times, you should be able to jump right back up.

Never Give Up – Keep on trying to achieve that thing you aim for until you achieve it!

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