How To Take Care Of Your Pet During And After The Lockdown?

How To Take Care Of Your Pet During And After The Lockdown?

Animal behaviour experts shed some light on ways to look after your furry friend.
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The lockdown has changed us and our four-legged friends to a great extent. Pets, especially dogs have been affected by their new routines, or if we say, the lack of it.

Some dogs might be thriving with their families around, while some might be simply overwhelmed.

What should you do?

Dogs might get used to you being around the whole day and might get more attached. It sounds rosy, but once the lockdown is over and you go back to work, your absence might distress them.

Let them have some fun on their own
Let them have some fun on their own | Image: File Image

Keep them busy by giving them some ‘me-time’, like, leaving them alone in another room with toys. This will prepare them to spend time apart from you.

Alternatively, you can also choose to work from a different room from your dog so that they learn to spend those set hours away from you.

Home train your pet
Home train your pet | Image: File Image

For people who rehomed a pup or a new dog just before the lockdown, should try to make a list of things that their dogs may not have experienced because of social distancing. Once the list is made, you can slowly start exposing them to these scenarios, like, behaving around other dogs.

We hope these tips would be helpful!

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