Importance Of “Me” Time

Importance Of “Me” Time

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Whether you are a home-maker or a career oriented woman, most of the hours of your day are spent either taking care of your family, or dedicated to your work. Between fulfilling everybody’s wishes and demands, you forget that you too have a personal life and interests. If you do not take time out for yourself, it is quite possible that you will very soon become irritable and unwittingly end up disappointing other people in your life.

Some women in their efforts to take out some “me” time are overcome by guilt. They start believing that they are wasting time on themselves, when they could rather devote it to their families or work. It is essential to explain to such women that taking some time out for yourself is not something you should feel guilty about. In fact, it is very much required, because if you don’t keep yourself happy, how are you supposed to keep others happy?

What is “me” time?

Putting it simply, “me” time is that period, which she uses to relax in order to lessen her stress and increase her energy. In that period, she does something for herself, instead of doing it for others. This could include anything like reading a book, playing any indoor or outdoor sport, taking up any extra class. However, this being said it is not essential to do something always during this “me” time. This could also include relaxing with a cup of tea or even taking a stroll in the park with a friend.

Importance of “Me” Time
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The below mentioned points will help you understand the concept of “me” time more clearly:

Give yourself priority:

Take out time for yourself, because it is your birth-right. If this explanation doesn’t sit well with you, then think of it in this way. Whenever any member of your family needs something, then they approach you first. If you are irritable and tired, then you will not be able to help them no matter how much you want to. It is important to prioritize yourself.

Fix your me time:

Just like you regulate your house chores and office work to a stipulated time, similarly you need to decide the duration of your “me” time. Women are known to be better managers than men but they are unable to manage their own lives as they dedicate their time to others. In such cases, consider this “me” time as a project and work towards achieving it.


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