Webinar: Spirituality, Religion, Meditation, And Mental Health

Webinar: Spirituality, Religion, Meditation, And Mental Health

Renowned speakers from India and overseas shall grace this online event.
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Make this Sunday your ‘Self-Care Sunday’ by enrolling for the 5th Global Meeting in Spirituality and Mental Health 2020. Where esteemed speakers including BK Shivani, Swami Sarvapriyanandaji, and many eminent psychiatrists from leading institutions shall grace the stage. The theme of the webinar is the interface of religion, spirituality, meditation and mental health, in today’s turbulent times.

The event commences at 6 pm IST, on 20th (Sunday) December 2020. It is divided into five sessions, and each session will have a unique theme.

The registration is free but mandatory. Fill this form here, to sign up!

This programme will be live-streamed on social media channels and recorded and subsequently broadcasted on Awakening TV and other platforms.

You can email your queries at spiritualitywebinar@gmail.com

See you there!

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