How To Teach Moral & Ethical Behaviour To Your Child?

How To Teach Moral & Ethical Behaviour To Your Child?

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When raising kids, you cannot overlook the importance of morals and ethics. But with ever-increasing external stimuli, how do you inculcate good moral standards in your kids? Here are some useful tips on teaching your little ones about right behaviour.

Challenges in teaching kids the importance of morals and ethics

Cross-cultural exposure

The world is coming close with great speed. Present day kids are global citizens and exposed to different cultures across the globe. They are constantly interacting with people from different backgrounds. As a result, they may face confusion when it comes to acceptable and unacceptable social conduct.

Increased external stimuli

Whether it is peer pressure or social media, your child is exposed to many external factors. Children have a high need to be accepted by the peers. In such cases, they may often drift off on an unwanted path just to be liked and admired. Most often, even social media can feed your child with conflicting values.

Lack of time

Busy schedules of parents leave them with little time for family. So, imbibing right behaviour in them can become a challenge where parents are extremely busy. It is equally important that parents practise what they preach. Children learn more from observation.

Despite these challenges, not all is lost. With some groundwork and patience, you can help your child understand the importance of morals and ethics.

importance of morals and ethics
Teaching your child, the importance of morals and ethics in a friendly way | Image: file image
Choose morals and ethics that suit your social environment

While certain morals and ethics are universal, some may be relevant to where you live. Ensure that you keep in mind where you belong when teaching your kids about right conduct. Social relevance plays an important role here.

Walk the talk

Practise what you preach to your child. A contradiction between your own behaviour and speech can confuse your little one. So, whatever you want your child to learn, you should bring it in your own practice first. Actions supported by words can reinforce the thought better.

Make a note of the ‘influencers’ in your child’s life

Moral growth continues for many years and children are exposed to many people in this period. Some of them can influence your child’s moral and ethical behaviour. If your child gets confused with differing codes of conduct, clear their doubts and allow them to think through the differences. 

Handle mistakes with maturity

Avoid screaming or yelling at your child when they make a mistake. Instead, make your child accountable for the mistakes they make. So, rather than shouting for messing the room, make them clean it themselves. Share your experiences with them and apologise when you make a mistake.

Appreciate moral and ethical conduct

Your child can learn better with positive reinforcement. So, don’t forget to applaud good behaviour of your kids. Parents can easily become criticizing adults but forget to congratulate on a job well done. Appreciate your little one more and help them feel positive about themselves.

With these useful and effective tips, you can impart to your little one, good values. Believe us, values, morals, and ethics can help your child long way. And it can also help them get very far in life. So, invest your time in teaching them these valuable lessons.

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