Find Out Why Inclusive Practice In Healthcare Is Crucial

Find Out Why Inclusive Practice In Healthcare Is Crucial

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‘Universal health coverage: Everyone, everywhere.’

With this year’s theme, WHO aims at attaining inclusive practice in health care. This initiative is directed towards millions of people who still have no access to healthcare for a variety of reasons which can include lack of finances, awareness, interest and the habit of ignorance.

Health workers have an important role to play in the campaign, helping decision-makers for health recognize what people need in terms of care, particularly at the primary care level.

Health education does not only mean awareness. It also includes the developing of skills, confidence and the efforts to take the necessary actions to improve health. Complete or inclusive health care practices are preventive in nature and are ideal in forecasting a healthier tomorrow.

Inclusive practice in healthcare can start with identifying various groups of people who are more vulnerable and in need of greater care such as infants, expecting mothers and senior citizens.

Here is what inclusive practice in healthcare for each of these groups mean:


Infants are vulnerable and need specialized care. Here are the inclusive healthcare details one must develop the skills and knowledge for.

Find out why inclusive practice in healthcare is crucial.
Infant Health | Image: File Image
  • Physical needs of the infant– feeding, bathing, clothing, skin care
  • Behaviour management – tantrums, self-comforting behavior, separation anxiety, toilet training
  • Child sleep expectations and settling management
  • Nutrition – breastfeeding, introducing a healthy diet, weaning
  • Oral health education
  • Emotional needs of the infant
  • Brain development activities, speech, and language
Expecting Mothers:

Mother, the primary caregiver, is integral to the wellbeing of the child. These inclusive practices in healthcare can help take care of expectant mothers better.

Find out why inclusive practice in healthcare is crucial.
Maternal Health | Image: File Image
  • Awareness of problems that can develop during pregnancy
  • Measures to promote a healthy pregnancy
  • Complete information about prenatal visits
  • Tests needed during pregnancy
  • Pregnancy-related risks and stress
  • Emotional needs of the expectant mothers
Senior Citizens:

Healthy ageing is the best preventive measure there can ever be too old age problems. Healthcare practices for seniors should be imparted in an effective, empathetic and kind manner. Here are some inclusive practices that can up the healthcare game for senior citizens.

Find out why inclusive practice in healthcare is crucial.
A healthy lifestyle during old age | Image: File Image
  • Advocating a positive vision of aging
  • Understanding potential threats
  • Arranging assistive long term care
  • Regulated tests
  • Efficient ailment management

Inclusive healthcare ensures that everyone, wherever they live, is able to receive quality, affordable and complete health care. Quality, efficiency, equity, accountability, sustainability, and resilience is the key to realize WHO’s agenda of ‘Universal Health Coverage’. And the time to begin is now!


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