Indore Schools Turn Into ‘No Anger Zones’

Indore Schools Turn Into ‘No Anger Zones’

Indore schools infuse cheerfulness in the education system by making their institutions ‘no anger zones’.
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Learning to deal with anger starts from a very young age and mostly, children follow their parents when it comes to handling it. So, CBSE schools in Indore have come up with a novel concept. They have a plan to make their institutions ‘no anger zones’.

Moving towards a complete and holistic education, while also making it a cheerful affair, CBSE schools in Indore are set to transform into ‘anger-free zones’. And, this does not apply only to the students, it also applies to the faculty members, parents, the school administration, and the principal. This means, everyone will have to control their anger on the school premises.

Reena Khurana, Sahodaya School Complex President told the media that the Board viewed anger as detrimental to physical health. Besides, uncontrolled anger also had long-term anger effects such as high blood pressure, increased anxiety levels, headaches, and more. Thus, Khurana stated that this initiative of schools to turn them into ‘no anger zones’ would greatly benefit the overall development of students.

Setting an example was the only way to teach students to deal with anger. Hence it was necessary that everyone practice the skill of being patient. Not only this, schools would also need to promote it on various social media platforms.     

Not only this, the Board has also suggested that adopting simple practices such as talking to everyone, including students calmly, genuinely smiling at students and teachers, not peeking into the mobile phones constantly, and more. Most importantly, the Board suggests practices such as breathing, mindfulness techniques, giving 20 minutes to yourself that have shown to be quite effective in anger management.

Happy children deal with anger better
Happy children deal with anger better | Image: File Image

Jaydev Kar, CBSE helpline advisor told the media that one of the main criterion for the ‘human happiness index’ is a person’s mental health condition. And, and anger-free environment aids in developing good mental health. In effect, a happy child would certainly be wonderful for the society.

Moreover, making schools ‘anger-free zones’ would help children be more mentally active. Children would return home happier and in turn would be eager to return to school. Also, it would help students erase feelings that are an offshoot of anger as well as help them develop affective skills.

A great step by the schools in this city to make better human beings helping the world be a more humane place.

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