Listen To This Meditation To Learn To Let Go Of Expectations

Listen To This Meditation To Learn To Let Go Of Expectations

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Every meditation is different. They aim at different areas of your life that you want to add value to. You work on yourself continuously and add value to yourself and how you present yourself. 

Having expectations is equivalent to being attached to materialistic things. When you have expectations, you are mentally invested in someone and there is this constant urge or want to receive attention, love or respect. Once you let go of attachment, you can transcend the pain that it brings along with it. You move on to find peace and love in the realness of what exists.   

Meditation can help you bridge this gap. The gap which forms attachments and expectations which affect you emotionally and mentally. When you meditate,  you will sooner or later arrive to the conclusion that’s beyond your control. Meditation will help you be more and more present in the situation and let go of attachments.  By opening your mind more and more by regular meditation, we become more aware and fulfilled. Consequently, regular motivation will result in fewer expectations and disappointments over unfulfilled expectations.  

Here are some guidelines that you can follow to enhance and amplify your meditation experience. 

STEP 1: Find the right sitting position 

The first thing is to find the perfect spot, where you can sit or lie down and be comfortable. Look for a quiet and calm place. 

STEP 2: Converse freely with yourself 

Shutting off your brain during meditation is a popular myth. When in fact, that’s when you have a frank conversation with yourself without being judgmental or emotional. 

STEP 3: Breathe deeply at regular intervals 

Deep breathing cleanses your breath and eases concentration. Slow inhalations and exhalations are calming. It is also a great way to relax your tired body. 

Listen to this guided meditation to feel better. 

The goal is to be mentally peaceful and happy. What’s stopping you? 

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