A Farmer Challenges Medical Science

A Farmer Challenges Medical Science

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Stories about people surviving due to medical miracles are not new. TL Sathish, a 51-year-old farmer from Chikkamagaluru is one living example of medical miracles in India.

A survivor On dialysis for 25 years, Sathish is the longest surviving kidney patient in Karnataka. According to doctors, dialysis patients have an average life span of five to ten years. Sathish defeats conventional medical science logic.

A motivator

Having survived for so long, Sathish now mentors and motivates other dialysis patients at the hospital. Apart from counselling patients, he conducts yoga classes, delivers motivational lectures and is a part of the Bengaluru Hemodialysis Association.


St John’s Hospital recently felicitated Sathish for completing 25 years of dialysis. Educated until eight standard, Sathish lost both his parents when he was 20. His kidney ailment was discovered at 25. Since then, Sathish has made the hospital his home and the staff, his family.

Medical Miracles In India - TL Sathish Defies Conventional Medical Logic
TL Sathish’s Felicitation on completing 25 years | IMAGE: WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

In an interview with TOI, Sathish said, “It was difficult to travel from my village at Mudigere in Chikkamagaluru because of health problems and financial issue. St John’s provided a room at just Rs 50 a day and food at subsidized rates.”

Giving hope

Some families believe kidney dialysis is a waste of money since patients do not live long. It is an expensive procedure so people prefer death over spending the money. Sathish’s organization arranges funds for needy patients who have given up hope since they cannot afford the procedure.

Dr. S Renuka, Head of Department of nephrology department, St. John’s, said, “Sathish gives moral support to patients. He would turn up for dialysis sessions without failure. Whenever new patients come here, we call Sathish to counsel them.”

Despite the odds, Sathish challenged medical science and survived longer than expected. He motivates himself and others and is a great example of someone who remains happy in the face of illness and pain.


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