Useful Tips To Deal With Obesity

Useful Tips To Deal With Obesity

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The urban milieu in India is plagued with obesity, so much that by 2025, India is slated to have over 17 million obese children, totaling up the number to 48.3 million individuals. Obesity, one of the most compelling reasons behind diseases like diabetes, osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disorders and so on, is defined as an excessive amount of fat in the body. Thus, it is highly imperative to conduct obesity prevention programs for adults to bring down this alarming number.

What causes obesity?

There are many factors that influence our body weight. However, diet and physical inactivity are the two major culprits behind the increase in this malaise. Some of the causes are:

Inappropriate dietary intake:

Consuming more calories than you burn every day leads to accumulation of fat in the body, in addition to the intake of more fats and sugar loaded food.

Sedentary lifestyle:

Absolute physical inactivity allows the excess calories to accumulate, increasing the risk of obesity.


Obese parents tend to raise obese children because of the poor lifestyle and dietary habits being followed at home.

Certain medications:

Specific medication for some diseases also tends to play havoc with your body weight by throwing your hormones off-balance.

It is time to follow obesity prevention programs for adults
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How to prevent obesity?

Obesity should not be taken lightly; it is not some excess fat that you are dealing with if your body-mass index (BMI) is over 30. It is a lifestyle disorder that has a very good chance of leading to increase in cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, stroke, nonalcoholic fatty liver, cancer, breathing disorders, hindered sleep, osteoarthritis.

Here is how to conduct obesity prevention programs for adults.

Active lifestyle:

Spend at least 20 to 40 minutes each day on moderately strenuous physical activities like fast walking, swimming, that help you burn your calories.

Eat healthy:

Replace your calorie-laden plate with a low-calorie platter that includes an increased portion of fruits and vegetables and whole grains. Do away with the habit of mindless eating or emotional eating. Be aware of your hunger and eat only when absolutely hungry. Absolute hunger signifies that your previous meal has been completely digested. Be sure to choose foods that promote a healthy weight and good health most of the time.

Keep a regular check on your weight:

People who weigh themselves at least once a week are more successful in keeping away from obesity as they are reminded regularly and mindfully about their body weight. This helps them keep track of their food intake and inculcates eating discipline.

Be mindful:

Identify situations that trigger you to eat without even feeling hungry. Be aware of your moods and mood-swings and make a note of emotions that when surfaced, compel you to take comfort in food. Moreover, disassociate situations that call for celebration, having fun, enjoying with food. You can celebrate without treats too.

Follow this obesity prevention programs for adults with determined consistency to reap its benefits. Do not let things like weekends, vacations, parties throw your plans into a spanner. Consistency leads you to the successful execution of your resolve to stay away from obesity and lead a healthy and active life.


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