TRM Meditation Of The Week: OM Meditation By Amitabh Swetta

TRM Meditation Of The Week: OM Meditation By Amitabh Swetta

Start chanting Om with the help of this guided meditation for amazing health benefits and mental well-being.
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Amitabh Swetta is an expert in Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, an ancient Indian text that guides you on how to go beyond space and time. In this session, he combines two techniques to take you on a one-of-a-kind meditative journey. The first, is Vigyan Bhairav Tantra: Meditation Technique no. 39, that states that slowly, as sound enters soundfulness, so do you. The second is Vigyan Bhairav Tantra: Meditation Technique no. 44 that centres on the sound OM or AUM.  

Significance of the word ‘OM’

The word Om is one of the most important sounds in the universe and has immense significance in spirituality. It is said to be the first sound that emerged from the cosmic vibrations created by the Big Bang that gave birth to the universe. Since Om represents the divine creator, chanting it imbibes a sense of the entire universe within you. When chanted regularly, it fills the body with positivity, calmness, and energy.  

In meditation, the word Om consists of three syllables A,U, and M, each having their own significance. 

Significance of ‘A’

 ‘A’ represents the dormant nature of the human being and chanting it takes your awareness to the Muladhara Chakra. Located in the perineum, this chakra is the foundation of your physical structure and energy centres. Similarly, Amitabh Swetta begins the meditation by chanting ‘A’ to stabilise your foundation. Unless the foundation is stabilised, you cannot experience health, well-being, and stability.  

Significance of ‘U’

‘U’ represents the opening of the Anahata Chakra located at the centre of your chest. It is the merging point of the upper and lower three chakras. Opening the Anahata Chakra enables receiving and giving love unconditionally that allows a deeper understanding of self. Similarly, to allow for this open passage for love, Master Amitabh Swetta will guide you to chant ‘U’ to bring awareness to the Anahata Chakra.  

Om Meditation
Anahata Chakra
Significance of ‘M’

‘M’ represents the Ajna Chakra that is found in between the eyebrows. Dubbed as the centre of perception, consciousness, and intuition, it is the focal point of concentration during meditation. To bring awareness to the Ajna Chakra, ‘M’ is chanted which balances the physical and spiritual elements of your body. It brings a sense of harmony, new opportunities, peace, and fulfilment in life.  

Ajna Chakra

To conclude the meditation session, you combine these syllables to chant ‘OM’ or ‘AUM” which allows a pathway for every sound from the outside world to seep into the body. You avoid being taxed while allowing the awareness into your body. Awareness is cycled between all three energy-filled and drained chakras by repeating the word OM as you inhale and exhale. You will be in a deep tranquil state of being, rejuvenated to tackle the world around you at the end of the session.  

Benefits of practicing the ‘OM’ meditation.

By following this meditation for 21 days, you will experience immense health benefits. 

  • Sitting erect while chanting Om is beneficial for the spine. The vibrations generated are great for the spinal cord and the thyroid gland. 
  • Chanting Om is good for your gut health. It relaxes the stomach, and the vibrations also relieve pain and spasms in the abdominal muscles. 
  • This meditation calms your mind and helps connect you with your inner self by bringing peace to the mind. It increases your tolerance levels and patience by introducing positive vibrations in the body. 
  • It allows you to have better control over your emotions and promotes mental rationality and patience for better decision making. 

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