Ever Heard About The Pillars Of Human Happiness?

Ever Heard About The Pillars Of Human Happiness?

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Happiness is the ultimate dream of every person born on this planet. But happiness means differently to different people. However, for most of us, it stems from the possession of things in the outer world; the possessions that excite our five senses. But true happiness does not lie in the material world. The pillars of human happiness are present within us, if only we turn our gaze inward.

Our body-mind-soul machinery has been designed in an intriguing way. We have been equipped with the pillars of human happiness and yet, in our ignorance, we seek them outside of us. Kudos to God’s sense of humour! Let us find the tools hidden within us.

What are the pillars of human happiness?

The basic tenet of being a happy human is openness. Opening ourselves to the world around us; experiencing life with an open mind leads to an enriched journey. Here are the four pillars:

  • An open heart
  • An open mind
  • Open eyes
  • Open arms

Open heart: The first pillar of human happiness

Opening our hearts mean accepting and loving ourselves the way we are, without fault-finding, without the need for validation from others. Only when we completely accept and love ourselves, are we able to accept and love others as they are. Opening our hearts lead us to compassion-filled lives that create beauty and joy in this world. When we start doing this, we find nothing to crib about in this beautiful creation of God.

pillars of human happiness
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Open mind: The path to Nirvana

‘Letting go’ is what opening our minds means. Letting go of mental and emotional baggage; letting go of past hurts and traumas, letting go of prejudices and conditionings; letting go of inappropriate expectations and unfound fears. Breaking the shackles of self-created imagery – for oneself and the other – leads to an openness to see different perspectives. When we learn to see the other’s perspective, the need to be always right drops, resulting in a sense of liberation.

Open eyes: Being in the now

Seeing the reality for what it is, and not we want it to be, helps us live in the present moment. When we open our eyes and face our true self, we learn to differentiate between our reality and between self-created dream world that has been working as our escape zone since long. Opening our eyes gives us the power to be our authentic self, and hence, to a real, meaningful and happier life. Thus, it is one of the most important pillars of human happiness

Open arms: Sharing our bounty

We all have been bestowed with umpteen treasures that only multiply on sharing. Opening our arms to share and give, not only to accumulate from others, leads to a better quality of life, and thus, a happier life. When we generously share from what we have – talent, skills, money, love, opportunities – we help in the flow of energy. When stagnant, this energy depletes. When flowing, it enriches our lives.

When we take note of these four pillars of human happiness and practice them, we make space for happiness to sprout in our lives. So, let’s get started!


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