How To Achieve More, Every day!

How To Achieve More, Every day!

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Successful people attribute their accomplishments to an organized lifestyle. Whether in professional or personal life, a disciplined productive day schedule helps develop a high degree of self-control. Contrary to popular belief, an organized lifestyle does not mean that you are being harsh on yourself. In fact, it helps you achieve most of what you have planned, in a systematic manner. This, in turn, makes your way to success a bit easier.

Try these tips to achieve a productive day schedule:

Keep time for work-outs

Being regular with physical exercise keeps your body fit and helps build a strong immunity. These activities if done sporadically will yield no result. You will find that working out at the same time every day actually helps you achieve your body goals. Setting aside work-out time increases the likelihood of actually working out at that time. 

Wake up, eat and sleep at the same time every day

The human body responds well to a set routine. A simple change like waking up at the same time every day, even on weekends, will have you feeling less groggy and more energized in the mornings. Metabolic processes in the body follow a circadian pattern such as appetite, digestion and the metabolism of fat, cholesterol and glucose. Food intake influences our internal clocks, particularly in organs such as the liver and intestine. So when we consume food at irregular times, our body finds it difficult to deal with the irregular cycle.

Follow the 90-minute productivity method 

For better discipline and improved productivity at work, use the 90-minute productivity. Work non-stop – with no distractions, with no cell-phone or internet usage, while focusing solely on work – for 90 minutes. At the end of 90 minutes take a break of 10 minutes. Step away from your computer, take a walk, have a cup of tea or coffee, check your cell phone or sit under a tree. You will find that you are able to concentrate better in those 90 minutes you will feel fresher at the end of the day and get more accomplished each day with this method.

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Maintain to-do lists

The Checklist Manifesto, a book by Atul Gawande in its story tells the significance of making a checklist every day. Make a weekly to-do list and then a daily to-do list. Include both professional and personal tasks on this list. Assess all tasks and plot them out on a calendar, with appropriate time scheduled for each task. Follow this schedule as closely as possible. Tick things off the list as you accomplish them. A week with most or all tasks completed gives a great sense of accomplishment. It also motivates you to continue week after week.

Reward yourself regularly

Allow yourself a cheat day once in a while. Reward a diet plan with an indulgence. Switch a brisk workout with a massage or a spa treatment. Sleep for a little longer every once in a while. After all, rewards motivate us to work harder and accomplish more.

An organized lifestyle of having a productive day schedule ensures freedom and happiness. It ensures that you achieve more every day. What are you waiting for, go ahead, get organized and make the most of it!

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