How To Enhance The Sibling Bond Amongst Your Kids?

How To Enhance The Sibling Bond Amongst Your Kids?

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Siblings are the first family that one cannot let go. This makes it important to have a good bond with them. As parents, you should take responsibility to make your kids realize this and encourage your little ones to engage in sibling bonding activities to strengthen their relationship with each other. It is important for you to teach your kids the significance of each other.

If you are a fan of the Harry Potter books or movies, you got to love the Weasleys. The most wonderful thing about this cute wizard family is probably the lovely relationship between the siblings. It can melt anyone’s heart and all parents probably want their children to share similar loving equations among themselves.

Things you need to keep in mind while choosing sibling bonding activities for your kids:

Encourage Teamwork

Do not choose activities that are competitive. This might lead to one kid feeling inferior. Competitions can also become ugly and make the kids fight and create an atmosphere of animosity. Choose activities which will require your kids to actively cooperate with each other to achieve something. Baking a cake together is an excellent example because there is a treat waiting for all of them at the end of it. 

Give them some time off

Let them spend time with their own friends from time to time. If they get stuck with each other for a long time they will be more prone to fighting. Alone time would make them realize their true bonding and help them reconnect. It would make them appreciate each other’s presence in their lives. It also reduces chances of them comparing themselves to their siblings.

Don’t try to be the mediator

Seeing siblings fight can be really irritating to an outsider if they are not involved in it. But they teach your children life skills like negotiation and handling conflict. If you try to act as a referee you might get accused of being partial to one child. And it’s extremely hard for the other sibling to unlearn that belief. You can listen to both sides but you must encourage them to figure out a solution mutually.

sibling bonding activities
Sibling bonding activities to help your kids bond with each other | Image: File image
Design your own family rituals

Don’t wait for occasions like festivals or birthday parties to come knocking at the door. Design your own unique family festivities like catching a movie every week. It might be something as simple as the children cooking dinner together for the family once every month. Make your kids dress up, have fun and give them responsibilities that they need to fulfil with each other’s help. They will learn the importance of unity in creating something beautiful.

Turn regular chores into fun sibling bonding activities

Tasks like doing the dishes can be seen as extremely mundane and boring if only one of the kids is doing it. Let them do these tasks together so that not only they learn household chores but also have fun doing it. Let them walk the family pet together or take it to the vet. This will teach them how to work together with a common goal and have fun in the process.

Go on family trips

Nothing brings families closer like vacations. Staying under the same room and following the same routine can get on the children’s nerves. Sibling bonding activities work wonders if they involve travel. It might not be a really long tour. It can be as simple as a short road trip to visit their grandparents.

All siblings fight. But it’s important to make them realize the importance of each other so that they can grow up to be one happy family.

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