The Last Straw: Three brave Navy Heroes Save A Drowning Man In Mumbai

The Last Straw: Three brave Navy Heroes Save A Drowning Man In Mumbai

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We always get by with a little help from my friends. That’s how we record life incidents. For in today’s ever-changing crossroads, the words ‘mutual’ and ‘concern’ are on the waning phase. But something happened on Sept 9, 2018, that can change our perception of how we look at these words. It was just another regular day on Marine Drive Mumbai and the time was around sundown. The busy urban life was moving on at its usual pace.  People were scurrying around the city on their daily chores as a man was slowly choked to death out of eyes’ reach at Marine Drive.

When god’s men came to the rescue

It’s often said that one must submit to destiny, but the hope is a dangerous thing. Sometimes where words fail, courage takes its place. This incident might remind us of Morgan Freeman from the film ‘Shawshank Redemption’ where the word escape has always something else to offer. According to the eye-witnesses’ report, a man was seen sinking fast at Marine Drive and then three sailors came to the rescue. These three unlikely superheroes were instrumental in rescuing the man within minutes. The Navy Release came out on Tuesday, tweeting the commendable efforts of the trio, Akash, the Ship’s Driver, Dhananjay, the Swimmer, and the Marine Commando Vishwakarma.  In the tweet from the official account@SpokespersonNavy, the Indian Navy has expressed their heartfelt gratitude to their members, for in today’s world a little help can go a long way in restoring our faith in humanity.

Image: SpokespersonNavy Official Twitter Account

One similar unfortunate event

Similar instances have also been recorded earlier in September where the location was reported to be Bandstand, Bandra. In the words of the locals,  Deepika Parmer, a woman aged around 27 was allegedly pulled into the sea by a rush of overpowering waves while she was enjoying her evening at the shore. To her fortune, the horrific incident was noticed by four marshalls of the H Westy Ward, Bandra and two of them took prompt rescue action with the aid of a floating material.

All it takes is a little courage

Certain incidents are worth remembering. Certain incidents make you realize that more than often, courage is a one-man army. It is important that we longer remain “innocent bystanders” when a person is facing a fatal accident. The incident of the 9th September night where the drowning man was administered with CPR (Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitate) resonates empathy, kindness and sets an ideal for the basic human emergency response in such a situation.

A salute to the heroes

The sight of the drowning man, being handed over to local police by the sailors, is a blow on the face of cynics who claim that caring for fellow human beings is a thing of the past and is an alien concept now. Media has highlighted and branded this incident as a ‘noteworthy exception’ and applauded the “heroes” for being different, but the times they are changing. And in a world full of terror and turmoil, it’s bliss to realize the value of cooperation. Our friends from the Navy might be under the limelight now through words and phrases like ‘unsung heroes’ and ‘brave attempts”,  but it’s time we understand that there’s an unsung hero in all of us.


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