The Sustainability Summit, 2020 To Be Held In March

The 14th Sustainability Summit will take place on 26th March 2020 in London.
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The 14th Sustainability Summit will take place on 26th March 2020 in London.

We all know climate change is a grave issue today. Despite seeing images of polar bears’ melting habitats and the recent Australia bushfires, the consequences of climate change still remain vague. But one thing that certain is that the effects will only get terrible with time. We have to act NOW.

Which is why the Sustainability Summit brings under one roof industry leaders, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and researchers from around the world to address this issue. Together, they asses what the businesses, governments, and NGOs can do to reverse the damage and save the future.

There shall be 350+ attendees, 285 companies, and 26 countries participating in this meet. More than 30 speakers from different walks of life shall grace the stage. You can see the list and the day agenda here.

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