5 Steps To Instant Happiness

5 Steps To Instant Happiness

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We are a generation of instant gratification seekers. And no, this is not debatable; this is a fact. With everything available to us at the click of a button, why should it be any different with being happy? There are a few things to do each day to be happy. But we must remember that happiness is, of course, a state of being and not a destination to reach. However, with so many layers of conditioning fogging our mind, most of the times it gets challenging to access that pristine state of joyfulness.

Hence, it becomes important to start an inward march, that peels of the said layers at every state. So, here are five things to do each day to be happy.

5 things to do each day to be happy

Turn on the happiness switch

We all work on an autopilot mode for almost 70% to 80% of the time. Most of our actions and thoughts take place from that default space. So we have to consciously and mindfully flick on the switch of our happiness mode. For this to actually take place, you need constant reminders. Place ‘Switch on Happiness’ texts all over; as your phone and laptop desktop picture, on your desk, in the kitchen, in the living room. And follow that instruction diligently.

Ditch perfection, be good enough

Perfection demands sincere efforts. Every single time. Perfection exhausts one. Also, perfection is boring. So, instead of striving to be perfect all the time, let us aim to be just good enough. Let us be good enough so that we are not tired out of our body-mind-spirit all the time. This doesn’t mean that one has to embrace mediocrity; it simply means stepping down from your nitro boosters and let yourself be.

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Protect your boundaries

Place a yellow tape around your mental and emotional space and let people know till how far inside they are allowed. Do not allow anyone, especially your loved ones, to violate that space and drain your energy. It is difficult to be firm with loved ones in this regard but it is in these very relationships that a healthy boundary is imperative. Stand firm and don’t give in to manipulation. This will conserve your energy.

Invest in experiences

Life is lived in those small instances of joy that slip in sneakily in our days. So be present to them and enjoy them while they last. And if they are taking too long to pop up, simply create them. Here is the DIY instruction: Switch on the Happiness button and do what you love. It is as simple as that. Go out for a walk, buy some flowers, go and watch that play or movie that you have been postponing since long, land up on a friends doorstep and surprise them, indulge in a bar of chocolate to treat yourself. Whatever gives you joy.   

Have a sense of humour

Laugh. At yourself, at life, at the craziness of this world but mostly at yourself. Laugh with others. Allow the smile on your lips to reach your eyes, and then allow your belly to cackle with laughter and don’t be afraid to topple down your seat while you are at it. Laugh freely. When we laugh uninhibitedly like a child, the universe resonates with it and send us more and more reasons to laugh some more to spread this contagious disease far and wide.


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