Top 8 Face Oils For Everyday Use

There’s a world of options when it comes to face oils and this guide will help you pick the best one for your skin type
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There’s something just so luxurious about rubbing a few drops of self-indulgent facial oil onto your palms before massaging it into your skin, isn’t it? But keeping its feel-good factor apart, we’re speaking of a power-packed product that offers off-the-charts levels of glow, and adding it to your daily routine can be one of the best things you can do for your skin.

Suitable for most skin types, even if you’re prone to acne, continued use of facial oils can promise happier, healthier and plumper skin. Below, you’ll find eight such facial oils from Indian brands that feature formulas ranging from those perfect for every skin type.

1. Kama Ayurveda Jwalini Retexturising Skin Treatment Oil

Natural, pure and therapeutic, Kama Ayurveda, founded by Vivek Sahni along with Rajshree Pathy, Vikram Goyal and Dave Chang banks on the very ancient Indian practice of Ayurveda to create products that truly revitalise. The Jwalini Retexturising Skin Treatment Oil comes with the goodness of coconut milk and sesame oil, along with costus and cardamom.

Best for: Dry, Irritated and Sun Damaged Skin

What we love the most:

Coconut milk is touted for its nourishing and hydrating purposes, and Kama Ayurveda’s treatment oil makes the process of applying an enjoyable, almost calming one. Great as an after-sun remedy, this oil helps clear skin irritation and itching, leaving your skin texture flawless.

Where to buy:

You can purchase the product on for Rs.1,625.

You can also purchase the same on Amazon, Nykaa or Flipkart.

2. Juicy Chemistry Kakadu Plum & Pomegranate Facial Oil

Founded by Pritesh & Megha Asher in 2014, Juicy Chemistry was born as an answer to enriching organic products, something that the market lacked in providing back then. The Kakadu Plum & Pomegranate Facial Oil is made with a blend of pomegranate, vitamin C-rich kakadu plum and grapefruit, among other moisturising ingredients.

Best for: All Skin Types

What we love the most:

We love how the skin feels instantly moisturised and looks radiant after just a few drops of this product, something our tired skin surely demands. Full of antioxidant properties, the oil helps shrink pores and promotes anti-ageing while protecting your skin from sun damage as well.

Where to buy:

You can purchase the product on for Rs.875.

You can also purchase the same on Amazon or Nykaa.

3. Indulgeo Essentials Wonder Gold Oil

Custom made natural products get a therapeutic update with Indugleo Essentials. Founded by Supriya Malik under the guidance of her mother Seema Arora in 2016, the brand uses the purest and natural ingredients to bring the finest haircare and skincare remedies to the customers. Exotically named, the Wonder Gold Oil feels unique and luxurious on the skin, enriched with pure 24k gold flakes.

Best for: Normal to Dry, Sensitive & Acne-Prone Skin

What we love the most:

If you’re looking for something special to treat your skin with, then a wonder gold oil seems like a pretty great option doesn’t it? Rich in vitamin A, B, E and K along with plant-extracted SPF< this oil works flawlessly as a daily moisturiser but also as a base under makeup. And it helps with skin elasticity, anti-ageing, skin discolouration and moisturisation.

Where to buy:

You can purchase the product on for Rs.1,700.

You can also purchase the same on Amazon or Nykaa.

4. Plum Grape Seed & Sea Buckthorn Glow-Restore Face Oil Blend

Serving as the perfect organic and natural treatment for your skin, founder Shankar Prasad launched Plum Goodness in 2014 for women looking to switch to cleaner and more natural beauty solutions. 100% vegan, the Grape Seed & Sea Buckthorn Glow-Restore Face Oil Blend has a rich antioxidant formula that restores the natural glow of your skin and prevents moisture loss.

Best for: Normal, Combination, Dry & Very Dry Skin

What we love the most:

If your skin is feeling stressed out lately, then this glow-restore face oil is here to help you out. Made with a handpicked mix of natural oils, this oil blend is enriched with Vitamin E and A, making it an antioxidant powerhouse. We love that it’s so nongreasy in texture and helps repair and nourish damaged skin.

Where to buy:

You can purchase the product on for Rs.775.

You can also purchase the same on Amazon or Nykaa.

5. Ohria Ayurveda Shrikamya Beauty Face Oil

Starting at the age of just 12 years old, the founder of Ohria Ayurveda Rajni Ohri was an ardent follower of Ayurveda since her childhood, always experimenting with natural ingredients. Who knew this would translate into creating a luxury beauty brand that sources sacred herbs from the Himalayas along with other natural resources and uses secret formulations to create clean beauty products. The Shrikamya Beauty Face Oil has a concentrated dose of nutrients that help with pigmentation and leave your skin glowing.

Best for: All Skin Types

What we love the most:

This facial oil may seem like a bit of a splurge but it’s totally worth it. Here’s why: Shrikamya Beauty Face Oil comes enriched with Rakt Chandan, Kasturi Manjal, Yasthimadhu and essential oil of Parijat flowers with Kashmiri Saffron oil, making this luxurious blend a nourishing formula for those with dry and problematic skin. Plus, a little goes a long way and your skin will feel refreshed and hydrated immediately.

Where to buy:

You can purchase the product on for Rs.950.

You can also purchase the same on Nykaa.

6. Nykaa Naturals Pure Cold Pressed Rosehip Facial Oil

Using her experience and expertise as a banker, Falguni Nayar built an empire for herself. Beginning Nykaa in 2012, today it’s one of the largest beauty brands in India. Promising skin, hair and nail benefits, Nykaa Natural’s range of pure cold-pressed oils are suitable for every skin type and concern.

Best for: Dry, Sensitive & Mature Skin

What we love the most:

Called the anti-ageing solution, this one promotes softer and smoother skin along with combating pigmentation and wrinkles. This oil can also be used on your scalp, making it perfect for those with a dry scalp. Apply a couple of drops before bed and you’ll wake up with glowy, moisturised skin.

Where to buy:

You can purchase the product on for Rs.650.

7. Amayra Naturals Mridyati Face Oil

Based in Uttarakhand, Amayra Naturals was founded by Deepa Chahal to focus on a holistic and conscious plant-based approach towards skincare. Sustainable and eco-friendly, the products are free from chemicals and formulated in the Himalayas. Made with black currant and pumpkin seed oil, the Mridyati Face Oil fights early signs of ageing and restores natural glow.

Best for: Oily to Normal Skin Type

What we love the most:

The luxurious feel of this facial oil is a feeling you must indulge in. It will leave your skin feeling healthy and glowing, thanks to its array of clean and natural ingredients, including Vitamin E, cranberry oil and rosehip oil. Apply after cleansing and toning for even-toned skin.

Where to buy:

You can purchase the product on for Rs.1,599. 

You can also purchase this on Amazon.

8. Earth Rhythm Cold Pressed Organic Rosehip Seed Oil

An inspiring brand for millennials and their conscious beauty needs, Harini Sivakumar, founder and CEO of Earth Rhythm formulated her own skincare line as an answer to safe, non-toxic products that most of us are seeking, something she personally sought out herself. The Cold Pressed Organic Rosehip Seed Oil easily absorbs into the skin and is safe for all skin types.

Best for: All Skin Types

What we love the most:

Earth Rhythm’s Cold Pressed Organic Rosehip Oil is rich in Vitamin A which fights ageing, wrinkles, and helps with dehydrated and itchy and irritated skin. Oils like these also penetrate the skin’s layers, nourishing the skin from inside while addressing concerns like dullness, sun damage and dryness.

Where to buy:

You can purchase the product on for Rs.625.

You can also purchase this on Nykaa.

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