TRM Meditation Of The Week: Anxiety Meditation

TRM Meditation Of The Week: Anxiety Meditation

This guided meditation by Sneha Desai is designed to help you cope with stress and anxiety.
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My mother began meditating years ago, long before the mind-calming practice had entered the fore. According to her, the facet she benefitted from the most was the ability to stave off stress and anxiety. The way to do this is to sit comfortably and focus on your breathing, bringing your mind’s attention to the present situation, without drifting into concerns about the past or the future. 

Mindful meditation makes the perfect outlet to treat anxiety. People suffering from it have an issue of giving distracting thoughts too much power of them. They are often unable to differentiate between problem-solving and a nagging worrisome thought with no real benefit. Meditation teaches you to recognise the difference in the two trains of thought. 

Anxiety is not only in the mind, but also in the body. Release your anxiety and live in the present moment by focusing on your breathing with this guided meditation by Sneha Desai.  


The benefits of this meditation extend to every area of your life.  

It helps you to process difficult feelings without analysing, suppressing, or encouraging them. Being aware of your worries, irritations, painful memories, and other difficult emotions helps to navigate through them.  

It allows you to explore the root cause of your stress and anxiety in a safe space which creates room to rid yourself of the apprehension and gain a sense of freedom.  

Acknowledging your thoughts helps you open a channel of communication with yourself. By focusing on your breath, your body and mind slowly begin to relax. This in turn relaxes the mind and body to let go of pain, stress, and suffering.  

Thinking of happy memories will transport you to that moment. Reliving that memory will bring lightness to your mind and the Anahata Chakra and make your body lighter and happier.

Using the mantra Om, the positive vibrations are spread through every cell in your body to feel a sense of calmness and alleviate anxiety. 

Head to the app to listen to this guided meditation by Sneha Desai and rid yourself of anxiety.

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