TRM Meditation of the Week: Unleash The Mountain of Creativity

Learn how to do that with this special Mountain Meditation to cultivate a sense of calm and connect with your inner strength in the face of challenges.
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Unleashing creativity from within is possible when you overcome fear, difficult emotions, and life circumstances. Learn how to do that with this special Mountain Meditation to cultivate a sense of calm and connect with your inner strength in the face of challenges.  

What is the Mountain Meditation? 

Created by John Cabots, the founder of the Centre for Mindfulness in Medicine, Healthcare and Society, it focuses your awareness to the calmness of the mountains which can induce mindfulness. The imagery of being on a mountain imparts a sense of independence and strength. It makes you feel like you are your own person who doesn’t need anyone.  

What sets us back, is your own limitation. The ones that are forced upon you, and the lack of intention to force an action against it. In such situations, you need to reprogram your mind and unleash your exponential creativity. Feeling low while facing difficult emotions and circumstances can hamper your creativity. The mountain meditation is designed in a manner to instil a sense of stillness and calm in your mind. It will connect you to your inner strength and stability and tap into your reservoir of ideas to pull you out of any circumstance life throws at you. 

How does it work? 

The meditation works by leading you to envision a mountain. The most majestic, beautiful one you have ever known, in all its grandeur. It takes your imagination to believing that you are that mountain, able to weather any storm or seasonal change around you. It helps you feel rooted in stillness amongst change in your internal or external environment.  

In this mountain of creativity, you have the perfect opportunity to transcend ideas, to reprogramme your subconscious mind. It helps you think laterally and break out of your set patterns. While logical thinking is extremely effective in bettering our life, it reaches its limit when every conceivable improvement has been conducted. This is where creativity and lateral thinking comes to the fore. It helps generate new concepts and ideas to existing systems. The meditation will help you realise when you need to think practically, and when you should think more laterally. 

What are its benefits?

Practicing this meditation allows you to remove yourself from the negative thoughts and views and look at things from an outsider’s perspective. Over time, it gives you the ability to change these negative thoughts into positive ones and improves your ability to relax. By imagining yourself as a mountain, a tall solid, natural element that has the power to grow exponentially, there is no limit to the creativity that is unleashed within you. You gain the ability to transcend ideas, rules, or relationships for greater value. It allows for lateral thinking and improving existing systems. Being in a calm and centered space will make you think logically as well as laterally to generate innovative ideas while knowing when to go with the flow as well.  

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