TRM New Meditation Course:  The Leadership Series by Behzad Randeria

TRM New Meditation Course: The Leadership Series by Behzad Randeria

Hone your leadership skills by following this guided meditation series for renewed confidence, positivity, and clarity.
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Being a leader comes with the added responsibility of navigating your team to success. Ensuring that your team members feel supported and enriched is crucial. In this series, Behzad Randeria, takes you on a journey of focusing your mind using breathing techniques. It helps you be a leader and exhibit the skillset you have. Similarly, by helping you keep an open mind to changes in your personal or work environment, this meditation technique drives you towards achieving your goals. Recognising the value that these sessions could bring to leaders of all fields, has brought a series of meditative techniques with Behzad to foster the spirit of collaboration within your team. Each session tackles a different facet of honing your leadership skills. 

Focus and Concentration 

The meditation focuses on improving brain function and reduces distractions. Since we lead extremely hectic lives, it is often difficult to devote your undivided time and attention. Meditation is an antidote to scatteredness: it trains the mind to be fully aware of any one thing at a time. It keeps you focused in the moment and retain that focus over time. At the end of this session, you realise that your concentration will decide if you are distracted or attentive. Moreover, by increasing focus and concentration through simple breathing techniques, you can implement ideas to reality. It helps you transition from insecure to confident. Watch the video below for a meditation dedicated exclusively to increasing concentration and memory.

The RAIN Method  

In this meditation our master Behzad Randeria adapts the RAIN method to improve leadership skills with mindfulness. A huge contributor to being a good leader is committing to continuous improvement. As a leader it is imperative to keep up a strong front while you encourage and power through transformations. This meditation has been designed to help you understand and accept the changes at a subconscious level so that your conscious mind can work towards achieving your goals. With continuous practice of this meditation, you will find yourself to be more accepting and willing to adapt to change comfortably.  

Cultivating Happy Teams  

Understanding that teamwork is all about synergy is an integral part of being a good leader. Being the focal member of your team means that the responsibility of keeping your team members happy and together is on your shoulders. The sense of accountability that is needed to be a good leader is explored in this meditation. It focuses on fostering and enhancing closeness within the team. The goal is to work together towards a common vision, which are your organizations objectives. Behzad Randeria makes you think of yourself as the engine driver who guides the team to collaborative mindfulness. Consequently, listening to this guided meditation helps you function at your optimum level by using a technique called focused attention. 

The Empathetic Leader  

Being empathetic as a leader makes you connect with your team on a deeper level to understand what they are going through. However, empathy and leadership are not a one size fits all situation. As a leader, if you develop the ability to look at something from someone else’s perspective, it makes you more vulnerable, while empowering you at the same time. Being unempathetic to a disgruntled employee will make him feel undervalued and unappreciated. It will create roadblocks which will hinder your influence and productivity as a leader. Further, having your eye on the pulse of your organisation will keep you in touch with how your people are feeling making you a loved, admired leader.  

The Confident Leader  

Being confident as a leader can be considered a pretty basic requirement. But what’s more important is what confidence means specifically to you. By focusing on events that impart a sense of confidence, remembering accomplishments makes your self-worth grow. Building this into a habit raises your confidence levels and belief in your leadership style. Similarly, this meditation reiterates that you are an influential leader with a great vision. 

The Pebble Experience  

A mindful leader isn’t just one who is present but provides tangible quality to the functioning and direction of the team. However, this is a characteristic that needs to be cultivated. It requires focused attention in the present moment which translates to those around you feeling this mindful presence as well. This meditation shows you how to mindfully focus on challenges calmly and peacefully. Similarly, like a pebble that drops below the turbulent surface of water into deeper calm waters, it shows you how to go beyond the trials at the surface to peacefulness within.  

Tune in to the app to listen to this Leadership series by Behzad Randeria to awaken the leader in you. 

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