#LoveYourPlanet: Sustainability Begins With Mindfulness

#LoveYourPlanet: Sustainability Begins With Mindfulness

Sustainable living can be difficult but ThinkRight (TRM) & Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) are here to make it simple for you!
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“As within, so without.”  

This expression coined by the ancient Greek poet Hermesianax captures the law of life beautifully, conveying that the outside world is a reflection of our inner world. Finding purpose starts with courage and contribution, by recognizing our potential and accepting the responsibility that goes with it.  

Being India’s leading meditation and mindfulness platform, ThinkRight (TRM) believes that thought is at the forefront of everything. A beginning, that can help you reprogram your mind to think right and eventually, leading you to doing and living the right way, bringing the three-pronged philosophy of Think Right, Do Right & Live Right to a full circle. With right thinking being the soul of TRM’s philosophy, ThinkRight has joined hands with Individual Social Responsibility (ISR), an initiative started by JetSynthesys, highlighting an individual’s commitment to enact positive change, through their own conduct, which in turn enhances the quality of life for all human beings and the environment.  

True sustainability begins with the evolvement of individuals. It starts with the inner attitude, with our values, our mindset, and our culture. Sustainability isn’t a trend but a transformation. With a world population almost three times what is sustainable, it’s time we get serious about saving our imbalanced planet. According to World Wild Life (WWF), the effect of overconsumption is so vast and with the rate that it’s rising, we would require 1.6 Earths to generate the resources we consume in just one year. The environmental movement is more than 4 decades old and while we can learn a lot from history, only a few are listening. To shine a light on this ever-upward crisis, TRM and ISR have come together to launch the #LoveYourPlanet campaign, sustainability a movement that inspires people to listen and take an interest, to rethink their relationship with money, resources and consumption. This movement is about making an internal shift in an individual’s way of thinking and lifestyle, which will lead to a significant change in the world. It’s about personal and individual actions and not about what others are doing.  

To be a part of this campaign and become a TRM x ISR warrior, record a short and sweet 30-second video explaining why and how you love your planet and get featured on the ThinkRight page. This movement is about starting a conversation, so don’t forget to pay it forward and share it to enlighten others. Know more by heading to @thinkright.me and @isrmovement on Instagram.  

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