What Is Sattvic Food And The Science Behind It?

What Is Sattvic Food And The Science Behind It?

Sattvic food is the key to maintaining a happy body, mind, and soul. Read on to know how.
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It is said, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” Food, has much more importance in our lives than we know. The benefits of a balanced and nutritious meal go many layers down to affect our body, mental health, and mood. And Sattvic foods are best-known to do this.

What exactly is Sattvic food?

According to Ayurveda, food which has the predominance of ‘Sattva’ quality is Sattvic and it keeps one’s body and mind healthy and happy. Sattvic food is cooked in a very simple way with very little oil and spices. The diet majorly includes fresh fruits, vegetables (except garlic and onion), dry fruits, milk, whole grains, and much more.

A Sattvic Thali
A Sattvic Thali | Image: File Image
Importance of time and quantity

A Sattvic diet also presses upon the importance of eating on time and the quantity of food. A great way to start is to fix a mealtime and stick to it. Avoid distractions, such as talking, reading, watching TV, or scrolling through your phone while eating. This will help you eat mindfully, give you a sense of satisfaction, and calm your mind.

It is also advisable to not indulge in mindless snacking between meals during the day. Eat only when you are hungry.

What is the science behind the Sattvic diet?

As per Ayurveda, our diet is divided into three categories: Sattvic, Tamasic and Rajasic. Rajasic foods keep the body very active which causes restlessness, problems of sleeping, anger, irritability. Tamasic foods make the body and mind sluggish and lazy. It contains more oil, spicy and fatty foods, stale foods, and even non-vegetarian foods.

Vegetarian healthy food
Vegetarian healthy food | Image: File Image

On the other hand, Sattvic food keeps you energetic by purifying the body of toxins and calming the mind. It also imparts spirituality, health, and longevity. 

According to one study, the Sattvic diet has the most micronutrients compared to any other type of diet. Where, the food is digested quickly, and the gut remains healthy.

We are what we eat and adopting a Sattvic diet if a pull-proof way to keep your body, mind, and soul happy!

Take a step towards adopting a Sattvic diet and see the results for yourself!

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