A Good Warm-Up For A Great Work-Out!

A Good Warm-Up For A Great Work-Out!

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For those who exercise on a regular basis, be it in the gym or at home, must warm-up before working-out. This prevents any serious injury and prepares the body for further exercise. Generally, people try to skip the warm up routine and get down to heavy physical activity straight-away. It is essential to learn why is warming up important before exercise. At least a 10 min warm up should be done in order to put your body and mind in the right state to exercise.

Why is warming up important before exercise?

Not only does warm-up help you mentally transition into your time at the gym, but also gets your body ready for what you are about to do. An effective warm up session should activate your muscles, increase your body temperature, and mobilize you to be able to move more easily.

why is warming up important before exercise
A stretching session | Image: File Image

Warm-ups are very specific just like exercise. Certain exercises require a certain type of warm-up. You should remember to focus on your breathing and to be sure to align it with the movement. It will ultimately make for safer and more effective movements once you start your work-out.

How to do it right?

1.Keep it short and light: warm-ups should not last for more than 10-15 minutes and should be slow and easy. For instance, a brisk walk or light jog.

2.Do a dynamic and not static stretching.

3.Make it exercise specific: every exercise has different warm-up exercises. For example the warm-up for cardio is different than that including heavy weights.

4.Prepare your mind: warming up mentally is good for any future workout. It is helpful to understand the goals of the workout. Mental imagery can dramatically improve performance.

Types Of Warm-ups:

  1. Dynamic planks
  2. Glute Bridges
  3. Single arm rows
  4. Squats accompanied with push-ups and sit-ups

Warm-up might not be as exciting as pumping the treadmill up to a high level, but they are an absolute necessity.

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