Why Nature Is The Best Teacher?

Why Nature Is The Best Teacher?

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Have you ever thought why our ancestors worshipped the elements of nature? Simply because they thought of nature as a superior being and could look up to it to understand about life itself. The perfect balance, cycles, and creations that nature maintains are truly inspirational. As Lao Tzu says, “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” It is a silent teacher, which teaches you the most complex aspects in the simplest way, you just have to listen.

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The Sun is a prime example of selflessness, it burns itself to light others up. It teaches us how we should be when we are in a position of power – humble and adding value to others. At times when the sun is covered by the clouds, it does not wrestle with them to show its superiority, instead, it gives the clouds a silver lining, making it even more beautiful. Be like the sun, the guiding light, and the silver lining in people’s lives.

The brilliant Sun | Image: File Image


The harbinger of calmness, the Moon preaches a very important lesson – to keep our calm no matter what life throws at us. The Moon goes on decreasing every day, little by little. Similarly, for us, there will always be something missing in life. Either this or that. But we must let that take the better of us and greet every obstacle or change calmly.  

The serene Moon | Image: File Image


They provide, protect, and nurture. We cut them for wood, pelt them with stones for fruits, but they still stand tall for us. They feed the hands that hurt them and become the shelter for people who cut them. Always giving without any expectations. It teaches us the virtues of forgiveness, patience, and generosity.

The captivating trees | Image: File Image


Water is the carrier of life. And one thing that we can tell about life, is that it goes on. Rivers can carve their own way through the highest of mountains and the biggest of hills. No boulder is big enough, nothing can stop them. Although, at times it is playful making its own music, or tumbling down with the loudest roar, it moves on to ultimately be one with the sea. The river is a perfect symbol for us and it teaches us to enjoy life, fall, get up, but most importantly, keep moving forward.

The restless river | Image: File Image


The sky stands as a forever mark. No matter how hard-hitting the storm is, it is ephemeral. Because, when the clouds clear, there will always be a blue sky with a sun that is shining. The dark sky during the night, makes us appreciate the light. When we experience the opposite of what we really want, only then we can appreciate what we desire.  

The magnificent sky | Image: File Image


“We know only too well that what we are doing is nothing more than a drop in the ocean. But if the drop were not there, the ocean would be missing something.” – Mother Teresa. Each of us is like that drop in the vast ocean of humanity. Every good deed done, however small, ultimately adds up to form a huge ocean. It reminds us that all of us are one small part, one small drop of the greater whole.

The vast ocean | Image: File Image

In essence, the biggest takeaway for us, is living and co-existing in harmony. The Earth is home to innumerable species of animals and creatures. If all of them can live in peace, so can we! 

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